Path Of Exile Five Weeks Of Events With New Race Types & 8h PvP Events

Starting from Friday, June 2, 2017, Path of Exile and Grinding Gear Games are starting with Events Schedule. This will run the same time as the Beta test for The Fall of Oriath.

There are various events that the players can enjoy for 5 weeks. Yes, that’s right, the event will be active for that period of time. Isn’t that exciting?

path of exile events

During this time, the players can find different events. Starting from new race types, bigger 1-2 week races, and the four 8h partial PvP.

There will be prices as well. If the player increases his level by 10 lvl, or finish the quest in the event, then he/she will get the Classic Mystery Box. The players, whose event starts at the Twilight Strand, then those players have to reach level 10 to get the free mystery box. While those players who are not on this list, and their event starts at a different part of the game, then they just have to get extra 10 lvl above their starting lvl.

“One account get only one mystery box. Reaching level 10 in multiple events will not grant extra mystery boxes“, as explained on PoE official site.

Also, the developers are preparing something very exciting, the microtransactions. And this is true as well! Finishing objectives in the events can grant you other microtransactions. I said can, because there will be a random selection for these players. You’ll never know, you might end up getting something you’ve been searching for a long time.

As I’ve already mentioned above, the event will last for 5 weeks. Here is the breakdown of each week.

poe events schedule

  1. Week One

The first day of the event is on June 2, that’s Friday for US and EU time. This event will last until June 10.

During this period, the players can enjoy in 54 events. Have in mind that each event will run for 1h.

In each event, the top of each of the seven classes will be awarded a Demigod’s Dominance”.

“Each event also includes Beta Keys and Microtransaction rewards. These rewards will be randomly selected from the pool of players who meet specific objectives or level thresholds”.

In addition, in Uber Breach, Uber Beyond and Monstrous Treasure events, the players will meet new race types. Well, except the last one. There are not going to be any monster, but you can see corrupted Strongboxes.

2. Week Two

This event, called One-Week Legacy will start on June 10, and will run for a whole week.

There are both Standard and Hardcore versions of this event, and they share a prize pool of microtransactions. Alternate Art Demigod’s Dominances are awarded separately per event. You’re still able to complete your Legacy League challenges in the One Week event. At the end of the event, your characters and items will merge to the parent Legacy Leagues“.

The top players will get the Alternate Art Demigod’s Dominance. Or maybe microtransactions? How about a Beta Key?

3. Week Three

This event starts on June 17 and the players will have a chance to win some great prices in 34 events, for 7 days.

As same as the week 2 event, the prices are Demigod’s Dominance, Beta Keys and microtransactions.

In addition to this event, the players can participate in 2 solo and 2 party Grief Events.

Two hours before the end of each Grief event, instance invasion and PvP are enabled. It becomes like cut-throat, but without items dropping on death”.

4. Week Four and Week Five

This event is called the Two-Week Mayhem event. It starts on June 24 and will run for 2 weeks.

In Mayhem events, areas are inhabited by a large number of either Rogue Exiles, Tormented Spirits, Invaders, Strongboxes or Breaches. The type of thing inhabiting the area is the same for all players in that type of area, and changes every hour (like how Tempest works).“.

For those who just wants to enjoy the events and not participating in the same, you can watch them on Twitch.

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