Payday 2 Will Receive the Desync Fix Tomorrow, Thanks to Update 147 – Patch Notes Included

Today’s little update was just a preparation for tomorrow’s Payday 2 update. This update will bring the Desync Fix to live, together with some new 3d animations. Thanks to this Payday 2 Update 147, a couple of issues will no longer persist in the game.

Payday 2 Update 147

Cops and Player characters are going to receive the new 3d animations, including new weapons switch animations for Bullpup and Uzi styled weapons. All the Stealth Hasters can easily launch enemies using shotguns like the host was able to do until now. Having these changes ready, there’s one more thing that we must say and that is the change of the Sniper enemies. They will no longer be able to fire while moving like before.

After having this announcement ready, it feels like all the heisters are really satisfied. The biggest critics are for the removal of the already released DLCs, summarizing them into one big DLC pack. As Devs stated, the DLC prize will be calculated based on previous ownings of any Payday 2 DLCs. This will reduce the prize of the DLC for the prize of the already owned DLCs and their total cost. Do not get me wrong, It should be something like that.

If you’d love to preview all the content coming in this patch, make sure you check the full changelog below:

Payday 2 Update 147 Full Changelog


  • Added a back button to the loading screen toggle menu
  • Fixed some graphical issues with John Wicks neck
  • Fixed an issue when using the default mask on three AI in crew management
  • The “Equipped” text for the armor that is equipped will now be localized
  • Fixed so that AI have the correct masks for drop in clients
  • Fixed some spelling issues with the Sociopath perk deck
  • Fixed the description of the sneaky perk


  • Beneath The Mountain – Fixed some floating and clipping issues
  • Beneath The Mountain – Fixed so that converted cops gets removed after you ride the zip-line
  • Beneath The Mountain – Fixed so you can’t get stuck behind a car in the tunnel down by the vaults
  • Framing Frame – Fixed an issue where the third AI would not stand properly in the train on day 2
  • Prison Nightmare – Fixed so that you can no longer get an infinite amount of key cards when interacting with the control panel

Overall, it feels like a really satisfying content that’s about to hit Payday 2. This update 147 should definitely satisfy Payday 2 players. Sadly, we cannot see any reason for complaining, except yes, maybe the DLC related changes. Bringing fresh content for the community or fixing any issues is always good.

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