What If Pokemon Go Is With Localized Raid Map And Less Frequent Raids?

After a day filled with Raid battles and multiple used Premium Raid Passes, we concluded that there are some ups and downs of the current Raid system. There are some problems that we saw after using many Raid passes, but they are easy to fix.

pokemon go raid map

Pokémon GO needs a localized Raid Map. This is very important because you cannot have cooperative gameplay experiences with no means of local communication. Raids need to be less frequent. Raids are special events and having so many Raids leads to player base fragmentation and alienates players who can’t afford multiple Premium Raid Passes a day.

The current system – player engagement and the local Raiding scene are tied to what you see on your phone screen.

Raids have a similar radius as the Nearby tracker, which means that you are limited to an area of 0.5 miles from the current location. This does not work well, because you need 4 to 5 Trainers to beat a high Tier raid. There are no means of organizing the local player base, as they all see their little, constrained, portions of the Poke world. Many multiple third party scanners allow players to scan for nearby raids, and it is quite hard to imagine a local Raid map that is so difficult to implement.

Our suggestion is to add additional information to the Gym Badge map, and let the Badge map show Raids. The map should be restricted to show only Raids on Gyms where you have badges.

Players save their Free Raid Passes for the best available Raid. If they do not save the passes, they leave the group and return home, as they cannot battle in Raids anymore. The current number of Raids is leading to the fact that players will de-sync and work hard to get their pass or if their group wants to battle in a particular Raid. Take a glance at the Normal Raid Egg Boss List (Pink Egg List) and Rare Raid Egg Boss List (Yellow Egg List), and you’ll understand what we mean. The Yellow List has so much more to offer, that the majority ignores the Normal Raid Eggs.

We think that the developers should reduce the frequency of the raids. This will make everything easier.

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