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We’re Days Away Before The Reveal of Xbox Scorpio Release Date

The very good known Console Beast, Xbox Scorpio is about to come to the market, however, we still lack the official Release date. Do not despair at all. Xbox Scorpio release date should be announced at E3 2017. Analysts and their prediction are that Xbox Scorpio’s price will be around $499.

Xbox Scorpio Release Date E3

It doesn’t feel that expensive, but the lack of the official release date and price is what actually is killing us. If we compare it to the PS4 console, the good fact about Xbox Scorpio is that it will free up 1 gigabyte of ram, giving more power to the developers in their game creation. This makes it Xbox Scorpio to possess 9GB of GDDR5, while its total sits around 12 GB of system memory.

Despite that fact and most E3 reports and leaks, it seems like we will need to wait for Microsoft’s conference at E3 2017, which is going to be this Sunday. On that day, we expect from Microsoft to announce the release date and launch price of Xbox Scorpio. We expect a total of 90 minutes of Microsoft’s focus oriented around Xbox Scorpio. Sunday is the day to go, stay tuned.

Update: Now, it’s finally announced. Xbox One X is going to cost $499 and will be on sale starting from November 7th.



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