Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Health feels more like Operation Cancer

Not that I have any kind of negative opinion about Rainbow Six Siege, but Operation Health is something that concerns me a lot. When you start to repair something, you start from the beginning. You begin from the roots and then you move on. Even after the consecutive Operation Health related patches, the game still feels the same. Oh, yes, there are some new additions┬álike new matchmaking system, new overlay, etc etc… however, it feels more like Operation Cancer than Operation Health.

Hitreg Issues Persist

I needed to recalibrate my rank and I’ve started to play a┬ácouple of Ranked matches. To be more precise, 10 of them. In each ten of them, I’ve encountered players with high pings (which actually is one of the best reasons why Rainbow Six Siege has a HitReg issue). When I say high pings I do not mean on 80-100 ping, even though we are speaking for a first person shooter and higher pings than 60-70 are not acceptable at all. You can check the image below:

Do you know what would’ve happened to any other famous FPS game if it suffered from the same issue? Like, that game is pretty much dead. Now, the pings in the picture above are still decent for some players. At least that’s what they think. Ok, this ping is more than alright. Let me tell you something again boy. It’s an FPS game. Done. You should get the point. I’ve never, ever, ever played a game with a ping under 80. It has to be above 80.

For those that think I am mistaken about my ping conclusion, try to play one Dota 2 match on a server with a ping around 140-160 and just feel the movement of your Hero. Nothing else is required to learn what actually is going on.

Peer to Peer Party Creation

21st century and Ubisoft still decides to go for a Peer to Peer party creation. Are you freaking kidding me? This is another stupid thing I’ve experienced in Rainbow Six Siege. Wow, wait, we all need to open our NAT fully, or forward ports, or… what else? Would you like us to strip in-game, or sing a song? Now, let’s ask Ubisoft something. What if our ISP doesn’t let us do that? What if we’re behind a NAT and that cannot be changed?

So, because of this retarded and annoying issue, if I want to play with my friends, I need to connect a VPN. Oh yeah, a freaking VPN. If my ping is 80, after I use my VPN my ping becomes 100. Oh, look, it’s just 20 ping, whatever man.

Ubisoft needs to open their eyes right now, while their Operation Health is ongoing. Even if they think they’ve done a cool job while Operation Health is live, we should neglect that. All of us. SERVERS, we need SERVERS! We need more servers, in more regions. Ranked Matchmaking should be a quality Matchmaking. That’s why you need SERVERS, nothing else. Server sided Party Creation. Just as The Division has (The only Published game by Ubisoft that support server-sided Party Creation, at least the only I am aware of).

I do not know why or if it’s some kind of Ubisoft’s tradition or whatever, but Ubisoft just love to involve Peer to Peer in every single project of theirs… in this century! And yes, they’re still doing the same. It’s time to stop. I see a lot of potential to this game and I love it. It’s never too late to improve and change whatever it needs to be done. However, fixing something that you haven’t fix in the beginning is useless. Open your eyes, your players need you. Develop whatever they want. It’s not just about Operation Health. This operation will be gone sooner or later, then what? I support Ubisoft and Love their games with all my heart, but when someone’s digging an empty well, he shouldn’t expect to find GOD inside.

There are a lot more things to talk about, but for now, I’ll just leave it like this.

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