Randall Review And Release Date On PlayStation 4

In an imaginative world which is controlled by a giant corporation, people function as slaves under permanent surveillance.

Most of the people are forced to work in the places where they can never come out. And Randall wakes up with no memory. He is a strong man that has schizophrenia and a bad habit of skipping leg days at the gym.

randall review ps4

Randall is an action side-scroller that is packed with enemies. The player has control over Randall, who has to defeat a pack of enemies if he wants to escape the nightmare and learn what is actually going on in the City of Nook. Randall believes in his fists to defeat his enemies, on his ability to perform parkour moves and on his brain to control the minds of his enemies.

Randall has a mission to explore the City of Nook as he goes through power-ups, new enemies, and new places in the side-scrolling, exploration-based adventure. As the game goes on, some previously locked areas are now available.

Randall possesses sharp skills that allow you to overcome every challenge that comes your way, even the ones that look impossible. Randall can control the mind of his enemies and use their abilities and weapons against them. Not everyone can be defeated by Randall’s fists alone.

randall release date ps4

Randall is the very debut title of We The Force. This game has been developing for a quite long time. They created a fictional atmosphere and mind controlling mechanics in conjunction by all the members in the studio. In the years of the development, the developers in charge had to sometimes delete all the progress, start all over again with a clear mind to create fun places to be explored.

We the Force Studio’s games shine on some of our society’s issues like totalitarian governments, discrimination, the way we treat our planet and how we forget what it means to be a human. The games also recreate the classic gameplay experience of the 90′ people.Randall will be available at PlayStation Store on Tuesday, June 6th

Randall will be available for purchase on PlayStation Store on Tuesday, June 6, 2017.

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