Scout With Boomer, Set Up Grace On Overwatch And Call Nick To Blow Things Up In Far Cry 5

Dear Far Cry 5 fans, I have to share vital information with you about what and whom you will meet during your sitting in front of the computer playing Far Cry 5.

While the action of the game takes place in Hope County, Montana, you will have a chance to familiarize yourself with the 3 special characters that will always stand beside you and will help you whenever you need help. Meet with Boomer, Grace and Nick.

far cry 5 boomer grace nick

Boomer is a dog which you can use and command in situations where you are forced. The smartest option is to use him in areas where the activity of enemies is increased. Also, you can use Boomer to carry weapons and ammunition when you are most needed.

And do not worry, when the action starts, Boomer will stand back to back with you and will protect you from enemies. He even gives the same effect, and perhaps better than the weapons that would be used by you during the action.

Next ally is Grace. She is really good at keeping your back from close range. At the same time, she is a pro-sniper, which tell us that she can also be used as an overwatch in given circumstances.

If you see someone or want to kill in ambush, just tell her and she will complete the job as a professional. Also, if you are in an inevitable situation, where you are surrounded by enemies, she will also help you escape.

For last, I give you Nick. Oh, Nick, Nick, Nick.  He is the perfect guy to call when you want to destroy or blow something. I would recommend that you call him when you need to destroy something. A good option is also when you face against many enemies and he is the only solution. If you have to finish a stealth mission, then, he is not a very good choice.

Far Cry 5 is best played with these allies, and trust me, you will need them more often, so remember their names.

Far Cry 5 is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC next year on February 27. Are you ready to see and feel the chaos?

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