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StarCraft: Remastered comes out on August 14, Blizzard published the new Trailer!

If you see the official Trailer, for which Blizzard actually did an amazing job, this game will rock. Blizzard’s StarCraft¬†Remastered will definitely remind you of the older days when you actually played this game in some internet gaming cafe. The Hype is Real as the official trailer gets released by Blizzard. One thing I can tell is that you won’t regret if you decide to buy this game for sure!

Starcraft: Remastered will be released on August 14th!


What is different in StarCraft 2 Remastered

Well, pretty much a lot, if not everything. The game will feature remastered graphics and audio, which is actually going to bring a new feel in the game. You’re probably asking yourself if there’s going to be a 4k resolution support. Well, otherwise this game was not going to be remastered at all. The classes are going to receive slightly better looks, for which I am sure it will satisfy player’s needs. What’s about for the Story Line of the game, it should be a bit enhanced, together with the game’s maps, missions etc etc…

What comes to the experience, player’s will get a definitely better and much impressive in-game as off-game experience for sure.

In the meantime, you can find the Official Trailer Starcraft: Remastered Trailer Below:

Are you ready to welcome Starcraft:¬†Remastered to this modern gaming world? I would suggest you to buy the game if you’ve been a real StarCraft fan back in the days.



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