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Steep Will Get A New Game Update On June 26 & Extreme Pack DLC On June 27

Besides the Extreme Pack DLC, there will be a new Game Update 1.10 with a server maintenance coming on June 26, which should add new features and also fix bugs. Monday is the day to go, as the server maintenance will be performed on all platforms in order to apply the new Steep Patch 1.10.

Thanks to this patch, players will be able to play in free roaming when servers are offline, while branded events are now permanently available in the mountain. After listening to the community, the devs decided to change the default keybinding for the parachute on gamepads: RB/R1 while PC users will get the chance to disable the Gamepad without disconnecting it, by receiving a new option “Enable Gamepad” in the options menu.

The game needs a lot of bug fixing in order to apply any new content, so Ubisoft has finally done that too. A lot of bugs are going to be fixed with the Monday’s patch, which should make Steep more resistant to new issues after the DLC goes live.

The Extreme Pack DLC will bring new rewards in the game, stickers. These rewards will be available for free on the Ubisoft Club page at the same time the Extreme Pack DLC applies. The Extreme Pack DLC should be available on all platforms on June 27 after 6 PM CEST / 12 PM EDT / 9 AM PDT.

Sadly, just like many other games, Steep is just another “dead game”. Even if the game gets 10 more content updates in future, it will still remain the same. It’s just how seasonal games work.

Below you can see the full changelog of the new patch.

Steep Update 1.10 Patch Notes

Light Offline Mode

  • After the implementation of the degraded mode with the previous game update, we are continuing to follow your feedback and it is now possible to play in free roaming when servers are offline.

Previous branded events

  • All those events are now permanently available in the mountain.

New binding

  • We now have a new binding for the parachute on gamepads: RB/R1

New Gamepad option on PC

  • We have added the “Enable Gamepad” option on PC to allow players to turn off their gamepad without disconnecting it or using 3rd party software to reassign buttons from the keyboard to the controller.


  • Back to 4 sports-only in the sports wheel for non-DLCs owners.
  • Back to the original settings for the paraglide air boost because the gold medal on “Journey” challenge was too hard to earn.
  • Sound feedback improvement for the ridge lift in the Paraglide discipline.
  • The Framerate has been optimized when passing through the first checkpoint of the “The Tube” challenge in the Alps, while descending into the tunnel.
  • Memory improvement to increase the limit for Trails created during a session.
  • There is now a difference between the POIs discovered by user and the shared POIs, while in a coop session.
  • [PC] Multisample anti-aliasing options that are marked with a “+” use more processing time to provide a better image.
  • [PC] Gamepad layout and key mapping pages have been reworked in a more user-friendly style.
  • [PC] Implemented new benchmark trail for the Alps.BUGS FIXED


  • [FIXED] A bunch of crashes under certain circumstances.
  • [FIXED] The “30 sec proximity flying” memorable moment is not triggered since Winter Fest patch.
  • [FIXED] When switching the mountain while doing a paraglide challenge to another paraglide challenge from Progress Menu, the user will partially lose the input.
  • [FIXED] The user can’t open the discipline wheel by pressing [RB/R1] in the Rider Menu, while having the binoculars equipped in Stare View.
  • [FIXED] Other players can see binoculars floating near other characters when they switch to walk mode from Sled.
  • [FIXED] During the initial tutorial, the user can partially lose input over his character while in walk mode after finishing the Chinaillon Challenge.
  • [FIXED] Missing Camera Collision with the mountain during the transition to the next challenge after finishing Sumotori Sensei challenge.
  • [FIXED] An issue with character control after spawning on the challenge “Journey”?
  • [FIXED] [XB1 Only] The user is sent to the XBL store when selecting any of the “Community Challenges” from the “Friend Challenges” or “Live Challenges” progress menu pages.
  • [FIXED] A rare notification without any player name can be displayed if players trigger a private challenge to their friends on a different mountain and during the same time the creator changes the mountain.
  • [FIXED] Only the gold medal ghost will start riding if the user unselects and then selects the “Medals” checkbox from the Action List.
  • [FIXED] A white texture is present on the inflatable arch at the start of the “Half Pipe” Challenge.
  • [FIXED] The gold medal ghost on “Order” challenge rides through the building at the finish line.
  • [FIXED] One of the ghosts from “All for one” mountain story passes through a pillar added for the “Tounge Rider” Winterfest DLC Challenge.
  • [FIXED] The character’s voice is of the opposite gender when switching from male to female characters while having the “Legend” helmet equipped.
  • [FIXED] After switching from female to male or vice-versa and equipping a costume, the audio taunt played belong to the previous costume equipped.
  • [FIXED] The breathing of the character can be heard while flying in the wingsuit discipline when the values of sound options are set to 0.
  • [FIXED] The helicopter cinematic sound can be heard when the values of sound options are set to 0.
  • [FIXED] Parts of audio (narrator’s voice from the tutorial, special FX, music challenges) are missing if the user boots the game during the installation phase.
  • [FIXED] The specific “Running out of time” sound is missing on Winterfest challenges.
  • [FIXED] [Animation] [Sled] The animation for equipping the binocular is missing while in sled for you and for others users in your proximity.
  • [FIXED] The “Ride without HUD” option is reset after re-launching the game.
  • [FIXED] The parachute falling animation will not trigger if users deploy it when they are really close to the ground.
  • [FIXED] After rebooting the game from a wingsuit challenge, the user spawns in a wrong discipline.
  • [FIXED] Player appear at the default spawn point of the Alaska region when switching to the Alaska region from a friend’s challenge notification (only if it’s the first visit on Alaska).
  • [FIXED] [BRAZIL] Challenge name exceeds the info panel while in stare view.
  • [FIXED] [RUSSIAN] Overlap present at the end of every boss fight.
  • [FIXED] [ALL] There are no subtitles present for John’s voice-over during the tournament finals.
  • [FIXED] [ALL] Trials and Duels’ names are cutoff on the bottom.
  • [FIXED] [ALL] Text overlaps are present in the social menu.
  • [FIXED] [POLISH] The text for “Freerider” field of expertise cannot be seen entirely when is displayed on the HUD.
  • [FIXED] [SPANISH] The memorable “Another Day in paraglide” moment text overlaps with the experience given at the end of the challenge.
  • [FIXED] [POLISH] Wrong open parachute hint during the initial onboarding experience.
  • [FIXED] [ALL] Winterfest welcome text is overrunning into the image above.
  • [FIXED] The character spawns with different discipline when switching the mountain under certain circumstances.
  • [FIXED] The matchmaking button can be used to send and confirm invites while in Replay Mode.
  • [FIXED] When the flashlight is unequipped on the spectating player, the flashlight ray will appear at the feet of the character.
  • [FIXED] The rider asset disappears if players quit binoculars mode while in walk discipline.
  • [FIXED] Performing a mountain switch with the default customization will reset all customized characters under certain circumstances.
  • [FIXED] The pom pom from the beanie is missing when users switch to walking mode after having equipped the wingsuit.
  • [FIXED] No timer is displayed when spectating a friend from the friend list.
  • [FIXED] Ghosts do not have medals displayed above their heads if users unselect then select the “Medals” from Action List under certain circumstances.
  • [FIXED] Info panels and buttons from the option menu will continuously highlight and de-highlight when the user moves the cursor in a corner of the border.
  • [FIXED] The “Get Winterfest” tooltip in the discipline wheel can be almost invisible depending on where you watch it.
  • [FIXED] The user doesn’t receive a notification when unlocking a costume reward during Winterfest trials.
  • [FIXED] The XP bar is still visible after reaching level 30, when switching mountains or reboot the game.
  • [FIXED] On the challenge “Snow, Slope & Sun” when the goal is completed, the “Objective reached! Cross the finish line to win the Challenge” message is missing.
  • [FIXED] The “Replay” button for Medals disappears from the panel when users select the “Medals” option and open again the Action List.
  • [FIXED] [SPANISH] Overlap is present on the “New Personal Best” message.
  • [FIXED] The “Trial won! New personal best” text does not fit on the WinterFest notification panel after beating your own record.
  • [FIXED] On the tournament phase, “My best” flickers along with the progress bar.
  • [FIXED] The replay bar will increase in size if Player A starts a replay and rewinds it while Player B rides in free roaming.
  • [FIXED] The discipline is not replicated during a replay if users switch between sports during a trail.
  • [FIXED] The text that shows how much XP you are going to receive appear grayed out when all the challenges (except the first) are highlighted.
  • [FIXED] The finish line in few specific challenges is orange instead of blue.
  • [FIXED] The back of all female characters clips trough the “Cardboard Car” gadget at a certain speed.
  • [FIXED] The link for New Community Challenges in the in-game News menu doesn’t work if the user is not currently playing in the same mountain.
  • [FIXED] [PC] Character’s head may not be spawned when the crash test dummy costume is equipped.
  • [FIXED] [PC] The icon for the “Eliott the giraffe helmet” is compressed in the preview panel.
  • [FIXED] [PC] Navigation in the menu using a keyboard.
  • [FIXED] [PC] Contact list scrolling using mouse wheel on the social tab.
  • [FIXED] [PC] Movement animations when changing default bindings.
  • [FIXED] [PC] The possibility to assign the same button for different actions on the key mapping page.
  • [FIXED] [PC] Several issues that lead to FPS drops.
  • [FIXED] [PC] Several issues related to ultra-wide and multi-monitor modes.
  • [FIXED] [PC] Several localization issues.
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