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Town of Salem Receives new Expansion, The Coven

Today, Town of Salem received a new expansion, The Coven. This expansion brings 15 new roles, exclusive queues, a new faction, and not to avoid, a lot of improvements to the game. What is The Coven? The Coven is a new faction of witches that will enter Town of Salem.

Town of Salem The Coven Expansion

One of the Coven’s greatest power is the Necronomicon, empowering¬†the abilities of any witch that possesses it. The Coven will include 5 witch roles, making the current Witch take the role of the Coven Leader. This was just announced on BlankMediaGames official website, letting the players know all the new features this expansion offers.

Rotating Game Modes

In this Town of Salem expansion, there will be new rotating game modes, including a Vip Game Mode where you’ll need to kill the VIP depending on what side you are. The VIP is randomly selected and is revealed to all other town members. Despite the VIP Game mode, there will be Lovers Game Mode and Rivals Game Mode.

Keywords System

There will be a new Keywords System that will help players understand abilities easier. This should also improve the game and its community. This expansion also fixes known bugs.

However, in order to get all these new features, you must have The Coven Expansion. Knowing that Town of Salem is a game of murder and mystery, these new features might turn our to be really good.



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  1. Hey Angel – You should review Throne of Lies if you like these types of games!! Both based off the same old original one.

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