US Creator Is The First Puzzle Mobile Game With Day, Night And Weather Cycle Features That Will Keep You Awake For Hours, Here Is Everything You Need To Know

The dream about a lionbird has come true in 2012 when the founders of Lionbird woke up and found out that now it’s the perfect time to make a revolution in the world of mobile games. That was the time when playing mobile games took a huge step and became addictive in a way. The same goes for their latest mobile game, called US Creator.

us creator mobile game review

US Creator is a 2048 style puzzle game developed by Lionbird. The aim of the game is to create your own US world with the most important historical monuments and buildings.

First, you will start with small buildings, which can be linked together by sliding in any direction, except diagonally. When two buildings are matched together, a new building is created. So, the new building has to be linked with the same one in order to get a new third building. Let me break it down for you and make it easier.

Two suburban houses make a New York Brick House. Two NY Brick Houses create an Independence Hall. Two Independence Halls create a Wrigley Field. Then we have the Lincoln Memorial, US Capitol, Statue of Liberty, Times Square and much more. Well, to be precise there are 16 structures in total.

Merging the tiles will lead you to a brand new structure every time. Do you have what it takes to open all 16 of them?

As the game continues, and you are determined to get all buildings, you might get stuck at some point. But, you are not on your own, at the bottom of your screen, you can find four features that can be very helpful in some situations. You can rewind your move by spending in-game gems, remove a building, renewing or even upgrading one.

From time to time, a UFO will fly over your town. If you are thinking that aliens are taking over, then you are wrong. This is a very useful feature that sometimes gives you free gems. Just tap on it and you are all set.

To be honest, I’m playing US Creator for some time now, and I’ve got stuck on building No. 12. But, I’ll not give up! I’ll try to go all the way to the last one.

What I find very interesting is the option which shows you what every structure means. In this way, you are playing a game and learning something more about the structures/monuments in the US. This can be found under Gallery.

Also, the game itself has leaderboards which follow the highest scores in US Creator.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, every time you move the tiles, doesn’t matter if you merge or not, a new house will pop up. Why is this important? Well, running out of space means game over.

Final Words

US Creator is the first game from the same genre to have a day, night, weather cycle, the above mentioned Gallery (where you can learn more about the buildings) and the tools which can be very helpful to lvl up and reach the “world high-score”. Plus, the game is free to play on iOS and Google Play Store.

With all this being said, the team at FGR is very pleased with the game and have only one thing to say: Lionbird has created a very fun, simple and addictive game, with great graphics and background music, in which you lose your sense of time!

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