7 Reasons Why we Expect to See Legendary Pokemon for the “Worldwide Event” On July 22, Mewtwo and Lugia are on Their Way

After some time of speculation, it is believed that the Legendary Pokemon are coming to the game very soon. The creators of Pokemon Go, Niantic Labs, never publically confirmed that Legendaries are coming, but there are few reasons to believe that creatures like Mewtwo and Lugia will be seen in the following days.

Legendaries are extremely rare and powerful Pokemon from the original game series. Until now, they haven’t been seen in Pokemon Go. All saying point towards Niantic finally releasing the Legendaries at the first Pokemon Go Fest event in Chicago’s Grant Park on July 22nd. The event is expected to have 20.000 players attending.

The video trailer that was released, (you can find it below) shows thousands of players fighting Mewtwo together in Times Square. Down below is some proof why we believe that Niantic will release Legendaries in Pokemon Go.

  • In an analysis of the code of the app in June found new references to Legendaries, also that they will be encountered through the newest release, the Raid Battle feature.
  • It is believed that Legendaries will not be able to defend gyms, but The Silph Road says that the Legendaries can attack gyms together with a normal Pokemon.
  • Also, graphics have been uncovered in the game’s code for the dark Legendary eggs, badges, and a Legendary raid pass.

pokemon go legendary release

  • The recent promotional banner for Pokemon Go in the Indian App Store has mentioned “The first legendary Pokemon.”
  • Niantic has been testing tier 5 Raid Battles in the game. The players spotted the test in the nearby tab, but have not been able to find raids on the map. The currently available highest Raid battle is Tier 4.
  • Niantic announced a few days ago that the players at the Chicago event must participate in special challenges together with the players from all around the world to unlock a worldwide “Mystery Challenge”.
  • The Pokemon GO Fest event in Chicago will feature an “Ultimate Gym”, which says that the Legendaries will be uncovered there.

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