Adding These Raid Bosses In Pokemon Go Will Make Raid Battles More Fun To Play, Group Up Trainers And Take Them Down

The Pokemon Go’s Raid Battles have not been around for a long time, the fans of the mobile release are already wondering which creatures will be added to Raid Bosses after the 20 different ones that are in the title right now, and are cycled out of the augmented reality game. The ARG’s website is pointing out to four different Pokemon.

Taking a look at the Pokemon Go’s official website, they will find that the Pokemon Dragonite is the candidate to become a Raid Boss. Niantic has used this creature in several images to explain the mechanics of the Raid Battle.

Other creatures have been linked to the Raid Battle through the promotional pictures such as Blissey, Ninetales, and Charmeleon, as their inclusion as Raid Bosses in the future is also likely.

Dragonite is by far the most difficult Raid Boss Pokemon Go that the players can face. Blissey has a high HP, just like Snorlax has, and this means that the players will need a large group of trainers to take it down, making it a great selection for a Raid activity.

When it comes down to Charmeleon, players have already encountered Quilava, Bayleef and Croconaw as low-level Raid Bosses. Niantic is currently in a similar position with Arcanine already being a Raid Boss in Pokemon Go.

Although Niantic has not officially confirmed these as an addition to Pokemon Go as Raid Bosses, there is a chance that none of them will come to the game. With the developer having featured them all in some capacity to promote Raid Battles, their eventual inclusion as Raid Bosses is much more likely than any other creatures that can currently be found in the game.

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