What Are The Best Counters Against Legendary Pokemon Zapdos?

As we now know, Legendaries are spawning in Pokemon Go. The Trainers around the world are gathering in order to battle and catch a Legendary Pokemon during Exclusive/Legendary Raid Battles.

One of the Legendary Pokemon is Zapdos, as one of the three Legendary birds, along with Articuno and Moltres. Zapdos is an Electric Type Legendary Pokemon with black and yellow plumage, and spiky feathers. In a way, it gives the feeling as a Thunderbird.

We expect to see Zapdo’s CP around 29.000, with Max Capture CP 1660. Zapdos can take Super Effective dmg from Rock and Ice Type moves.

You might say, “We can use Golem, Tyranitar, Lugia or Articuno as one of the best counters”, but trust me, there are more Pokemon that can be very useful against Zapdos.

Pokemon Go Legendary Raid Boss Zapdos Counters List

Zapdos’ weakness is against Rock and Ice Type Pokemon. So, here is the list of all Counters and their most powerful movesets against Zapdos. Also, here are some very useful tips against the Legendary Pokemon.

  • Golem with Rock Throw/Stone Edge
  • Tyranitar with Bite/Stone Edge
  • Articuno
  • Dragonite with Dragon Breath/Outrage
  • Rhydon with Mud Slap/Stone Edge
  • Jinx with Frost Breath/Avalanche
  • Piloswine with Ice Shard/Avalanche

If you don’t have any of the above mentioned Pokemon, nothing to worry about, I’ve got your back. Here is a list of Pokemon that can be also very effective when in bigger raid groups.

  • Aerodactyl – Bite/Ancient Power
  • Arcanine – Fire Fang/Fire Blast
  • Blissey – Pound/Hyper Beam
  • Espeon – Confusion/Futuresight
  • Exeggutor – Confusion/Psychic
  • Magcargo – Rock Throw/Stone Edge
  • Muk – Poison Jab/Gunk Shot
  • Snorlax – Lick/Hyper Beam
  • Sudowoodo – Rock Throw/Stone Edge

A reminder, before entering a Legendary Raid, always have your best Pokemon by your side and his best movesets.

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