Crossout adds two new game modes, new map and support for NVIDIA’s HBAO+

One of the most exciting vehicular action games, Crossout, received a big update 0.7.20 which aims to improve the game by far. Furthermore, Gaijin Entertainment and Targem Games have decided to add new content by adding a new map and two game modes to Crossout. Players that find reflex games enjoying may try the new Big Black Scorpions brawl which inquires you to possess some skill. The second game mode is Clan Battles which is going to put teams on the line to fight against them for the most valuable resources.

Crossout OBT Launch

The new map is called Two Turrets which actually looks really impressive. A map where predecessors fought for many years to control the area, and after a big explosion they all vanished. Today’s adventurers, the players, will have a chance to check out the new map coming in only one game mode, Cargo Race.

Probably the most important change which should contribute for better Crossout visuals is the added support for NVIDIA’s HBAO+ technology. The game owns extremely good visuals and this option should only improve them, making it look way more realistic and immersive. However, this is not going to be set by default so players should double check the graphics options.

Overall, Crossout has become quite popular during these last months, counting up three million players. There are lots of people that actually enjoy vehicularly brawling MMO games and Crossout might be the very best choice for them. If you’re a lunatic looking for an adrenaline pumping game, this is the game you want to try out. Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment have done an awesome job and they’re still working on improving the game even further.

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