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Dead by Daylight: Michael Myers comes to PS4 and Xbox One thanks to the Halloween DLC

Halloween will come early in Dead by Daylight thanks to Michael Myers and his upcoming appearance on PS4 and Xbox One, which should also rival Friday the 13th game at some point. Thanks to the Halloween chapter DLC, the console players will get something new to enjoy playing, while the PC users will just remain satisfied because of the earlier launch than on consoles. Dead by Daylight has always been a fun game to enjoy playing with friends and now it will just get better. The Halloween console DLC will launch in August, which triggers the early Halloween.

On the other side, this DLC pack costs 6.99 on PC and it should definitely cost the same on consoles. The DLC should remain the same as on the PC, adding Michael Myers as a new favorite amongst the Killers list, and it will feature the Haddonfield map and Laurie Strode (the girl you all love) as a new survivor coming to the game. She can easily escape if grabbed by Michael Myers. She can do that once per match.

On the other side, Michael Myers is the same old psycho who’s naturally obsessing survivors since the very beginning of the game. Michael Myers will be able to Deal Double Damage as he gets stronger in the game. Below you can see the Halloween DLC trailer published by Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight Halloween DLC will be Launched on August 2017,  adding Michael Myers as a new killer to PS4 and Xbox One.



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