Doom Update 6.66 and Free to Play Weekend, All DLCs Available For Everyone

If you missed out on playing Doom, it is okay, because this weekend will be released the ultimate Doom experience, dropping a jam-packed game update that makes all the DLC available to everyone.

Starting at 9:00 a.m. PDT on Thursday, July 20, the players can experience the feel of blasting away hordes of demons in the first two levels of Doom’s critically-acclaimed campaign for free. If that is not intense enough, the players can also try for a high score in Arcade Mode on those same two levels. We will all also have unlimited access to Doom’s multiplayer and SnapMap modes.

This is the best time to play, especially with the launch of the Update 6.66, an update that was released this week. The update gives a new multiplayer progression system, tons of user interface and game information improvements, game fixes, and unlocks all DLC content for everyone. This content includes three multiplayer weapons, nine additional maps, three more playable demons, and armor sets.

If you decide to buy Doom during the free weekend, you can get it for an extremely low price, only $14.99 on the Xbox Store. This price includes the award-winning campaign, Arcade Mode, all the DLC, and many hours of SnapMap.

If you are new to the game, there are few tricks that may be worth keeping in mind. First, make a smart choice on weapons. As of the Update 6.66 launch, you have access to the DLC weapons: the Grenade Launcher, the Reaper, and the EMG Mark V pistol.

With the Grenade Launcher, you can keep your distance and bank grenades off nearby walls to land attacks or do damage to enemies. You will also be able to detonate a smoke grenade. The Reaper weapon is more powerful, and it is powered up by Hell energy and it is perfect for a quick attack or firing a powerful shot of energy. The EMG Mark V also enables you to fire rounds fast for hasty attacks, or to unleash a powerful blow for more damage.

It is worth experimenting to find the best combo for you. Rapid-fire weapons such as the Plasma Rifle, Heavy Assault Rifle and the Chaingun are a quite good combo. High damage weapons such as Vortex Rifle, Static Cannon, and Rocket Launcher are a bit harder to master but are great openers to an enemy encounter.Some weapons have a benefit from the increased damage with the hits, like the Plasma Rifle or Lightning Gun. When a weapon like Static Cannon is used, it is best to make a good plan of attack to keep it out while maneuvering.

Have a great time in HELL!

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