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Dota 2: Siltbreaker Act 2 will exclude the use of Glitches & Bugs, Prepare for a stormy Scenario

We’ve all enjoyed experiencing Scenario of this caliber. Siltbreaker Act 1 was definitely something many of us enjoyed playing. Well, we should all get ready because of the new and upcoming Act 2, who’s pretty much going to be improved by a lot. By Improved, I mean there will be no more glitches and bugs, such as one hitting the final boss as in Siltbreaker Act 1. So, it’s kind of confirmed that Valve and everyone else on Icefrog’s team will ensure players to get the most needed experience.

That being said, Siltbreaker Act 2 will be a stormy Scenario which is going to shift everyone’s minds in order to figure out the most needed items and style they need to complete the Act. There’s a video below for which I am sure it was the very first reported on Reddit, where players killed Rhyzik by using the traps in the Temple. How did Rhyzik go there? Well, he was pulled by triggering Necro book before the door at his lair, while the other of the team just teleported straight at the beginning of the map by using their Boots of Travel. Senseless, right? The thread on Reddit was not allowed because

Now, because of that, I am pretty sure we’re going to have a clean Scenario in Siltbreaker’s Act 2, which is going to be released very soon. Learning from the past is what makes you better in the future, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen over here.



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