Dota 2: TI7 Newcomer Stream also known as Noob Stream will be available throughout the event

After Sunsfan has published his video asking for support for hosting a TI7 Noob Stream, it seems like he has been heard by Valve. I mean, there has been some discussion going on these days and Valve has finally decided to allow the Newcomer stream, also known as the noob stream.

This has been announced in a recent blog post from Valve, confirming that the Newcomer or Noob Stream will be available during this year’s International. A lot of players think that hosting a newbie stream is a good idea and may bring new players in Dota 2, while others think that is just a waste of time.

What is Noob Stream? Well, noob stream helps new players to understand Dota 2 better. The commentators will try to improve the growth of the community as they are going to focus on commenting every tiny happening throughout the games. Whatever happens, whichever item is used, simply, they will aim to make a tutorial of whatever happens throughout the whole game. Even the in-game tutorials are not that effective as the stream is, so if you’re a new player, your place belongs there.

We think that Sunsfan will be one of the main hosts, accompanied by 2 or 3 more people. The noob stream won’t get an invite to the International. That’s why it doesn’t require many resources in order to be hosted.

The noob stream has started at TI4 when Valve wanted to create a stream for potential new players. Valve has invited Sunsfan and Purge to host the stream. It was a satisfying stream overall. They did aim to bring next-level explanations during every single match. That’s why hosting a noob stream is really valuable and new Dota 2 players might find it very useful.

Below, you can see Sunsfan’s video asking for support of the newcomer stream also known as noob stream, for which might be the very reason for the approval of the TI7’s Newcomer stream.

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