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Dota 2: You’ll get your Baby Roshan If you’re rich and have a Battle Pass Level of 2000

Players that have reached level 2000 on their Battle Pass will get a chance to receive an extra gift from Valve, a baby Roshan Statue. Seriously, who doesn’t love a baby Roshan? However, reaching Battle Pass level of 2000 is not that easy, which means you’ll need to spend real money. The statue is made of metal with dimensions of 8.5cm x 9cm and a silverly-white color. You can see it in the picture below:

You’re level 2000 and do not know where to apply? Well, all you need to do is visit this link: http://www.dota2.com/aegisregistration, sign in before 25th of August and you’ll receive your collector items at your home. Man-o-man, this statue looks very nice, however, it’s kinda expensive.

After the shut down of the TI7 Online Secret Shop, this feels like it’s the only chance to get at least something before the main event. However, the deliveries are limited to only one statue per registered account, so if you like the Baby Roshan statue you can easily get another account and build up your battle pass to level 2000.

Valve has announced this today, as one of the most iconic figures will be shipped to all those who have battle pass level of 2000 or more. Player’s critics are coming from every side of the world explaining that it’s way too expensive for its size and quality. The majority of Dota 2 players are not even able to get the Kunkka’s set or IO’s Arcana, and can only dream for an achievement of this caliber.



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