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Garry’s Mod July Update Is Live, Here Are The Changes

Garry’s Mod has just got its new update, or like the devs are saying it, the July update. This update. like the previous is mostly about bug fixes and future improvements. However, the July’s update brings game changes, Lua API changes, Hammer Changes and GutHub Pull Requests. Keep on reading and get the full patch notes below.

garrys mod july update

First thing first, the bug fixes. Odessa is no longer with female voices, game crashes related to NPCs is now fixed, Half-Life Ichthyosaur is now dealing damage, late loading is fixed and the weapon_357 is now with revolver holdtype. Here is the list of full patch notes.

Garry’s Mod July’s Update Patch Notes

  • Preset support for Utility menus.
  • ‘Quick Preset’ button – allows for easier access to the preset system.
  • Addons menu can now manage multiple addons at once (e.g. bulk unsubscribing).
  • Demos, saves, and duplications menus now list items that the user is subscribed to.
  • Add-ons menu now has a search bar to quickly search through subscriptions.
  • The ‘-notty’ startup parameter on Linux servers will send console output directly to stdout.
  • Weapons no longer turn upside-down when zooming in too far.
  • Improved support for CS:GO/Portal 2/TF2 maps.
  • Game returns to DirectX 9 mode if ‘-dxlevel’ is not specified in the command-line.
  • Improved relationships between Half-Life and Half-Life 2 NPCs.
  • Improved behavior of collisions between players and ‘no collided’ entities created by tools.
  • Added more information to crash dumps (.mdmp files).
  • r_eyes_* console variables are no longer saved.
  • The emitter tool’s explosion effect no longer creates sounds.
  • Bots can longer be created before the InitPostEntity hook has fired.
  • Improved how server side ragdolls are handled on the client – hull traces can hit them now.
  • Updated the Half-Life Model Viewer to have newest features from Team Fortress 2 veresion.
  • Odessa no longer has female voices.
  • Fixed errors caused by the spawn menu’s search feature not having access to certain directories.
  • Fixed many crashes related to NPCs trying to use non-existent entities.
  • Checkboxes and radio buttons in HTML panels are now displayed properly on Linux/macOS.
  • Half-Life Ichthyosaur can now cause damage.
  • Half-Life Tentacle NPC no longer continues playing sounds after being removed.
  • Fixed massive FPS drops when missing sounds are playing on servers.
  • Fixed crash that occurs when console variables created by Lua are removed too early on level change.
  • Fixed late loading of memory allocator on Linux causing the game to crash for some people.
  • Impulse 200 command no longer crashes when the player has no active weapon.
  • Fixed prediction errors when firing weapon_357.
  • weapon_357 now has the ‘revolver’ holdtype.

Lua API Changes

  • Entity:PhysicsInitStatic( … ).
  • Entity:RemoveCallback( … ).
  • Entity:GetCallbacks( … ).
  • CLuaEmitter:IsValid( … ).
  • Entity:PhysicsInit* methods now return either true or false based on success.
  • Entity:Remove() can no longer remove the world.
  • Weapon:IsScripted() will now return false instead of no value when ran on non-scripted weapons.
  • Player:Give( … ) no longer fills a player’s gun with ammo when asked to not give ammo to players.
  • Entity:GetBoneCount() and Entity:GetBoneParent( … ) will now return -1 on failure.
  • Entity:TranslateBoneToPhysBone( … ) will now return -1 on failure.
  • Entity:SetSaveValue( … ) now returns false on failure.
  • Entity:DispatchTraceAttack( … ) will now trigger an error when passed invalid parameters.
  • Entity:HasBoneManipulations() and Entity:HasFlexManipulatior() return false on failure.
  • Entity:GetBrushPlaneCount() will now return false on failure.
  • Entity:GetFlexScale( … ) now always returns 1 on failure, rather than just sometimes.
  • Entity:GetBrushPlaneCount() and Entity:GetBrushPlane( … ) now work on brush entities.
  • PathFollower:Compute() no longer leaks Lua references.

Hammer Changes

  • Improved performance of 2D/3D views.
  • 2D views are now rendered during scroll operations, rather than after.
  • Increased max render distance from 10,000 to 32,000.
  • Vertices no longer need to be in the exact same location to be merged.
  • Blended textures are now rendered correctly – it should be identical to in-game.
  • Model browser no longer freezes after being opened multiple times.
  • Overlays no longer flicker when rendered in 3D shaded mode.
  • Scrollbars on 2D views are now correctly sized when zoomed in.

For last, GitHub Pull Requests are updated as well with removed range attack, removed unused function parameters and more. So, you can visit the official Garry’s Mod website and get more info.

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