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IO Interactive tends to fulfill whatever they’ve promised while working on Hitman with Square Enix

Before a couple of months, we witnessed the separation of IO Interactive and Square Enix on the very known Hitman franchise. IO Interactive now has their own way of shaping the future of Hitman, and they seem to deliver really good, until now. The most important fact is that whatever they’ve agreed on when they were working together with Square Enix is going to be fully delivered to Hitman, no doubts.

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That’s what we’ve been able to discover thanks to their Hitman July Update, which actually speaks for itself on how things were changed during that update. What’s most important is that there’s another scheduled Hitman Content Update in August. This is where the beauty of one company working on a game lies. IOI will get the freedom of tweaking whatever they want in Hitman in a matter of seconds, without spoiling the player’s experience at all. IOI and their freedom on Hitman, together with the community, should contribute to a better Hitman experience overall.

We are eager to find out if there’s going to be another season of Hitman until the end of this year. Stay tuned for more info!



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