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After Losing a Lot of Players, For Honor is Going to Receive Dedicated Servers

Ubisoft should’ve been aware of the consequences instead of the late regrets. Since its very first launch in February, For Honor is going to finally receive dedicated servers. After losing around 90% of its players Ubisoft has finally decided to bring dedicated servers to For Honor. Even though it doesn’t sound like that expensive project for a company like Ubisoft, they simply decided to make the game Peer-to-Peer, which in the end hurts the players, not the company.

for honor

Dedicated servers, hooray

Dedicated servers are intended to improve the connectivity and match stability. Any multiplayer game without them should just say good bye to its community. It’s a good thing that For Honor will finally offer dedicated servers, however, the timing is really bad.

Besides the dedicated servers, For Honor is going to receive four new heroes and maps, including some new emotes too. After the dedicated servers, it should be all about balance since there. Roman Campos-Oriola has expressed himself that after listening to the community, these changes are kinda needed. Well, if you want to improve a game, you should always listen to the community first. They are your second hand, if not first. Whatever the community says matters, no matter what kind of plans you have.

I mean, receiving new content is always good, no matter what your focus is at.

Hopefully, there will be no more Peer-to-Peer games published by Ubisoft, ever. Personally, I am tired of watching how such a great projects fail. Congrats to Ubisoft on this move. This announcement should definitely bring some players back to For Honor, but I just don’t see everyone coming back to the game.



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