Paladins OB54 brings a new damage champion, Lian – Improves in-game Economy and Progression

As we continue to count all of the Open Beta patches of Paladins, Patch OB54 is already live, adding a brand new damage champion to the game, Lian. Lian is just amazing and his skills are just astonishing. It’s a female character ready to answer the needs of her team.

Below, you can see Lian’s ability breakdown video created by Hi-Rez themselves. With her Heirloom Rifle which is one of the most accurate weapons in the game, she can easily make distance and still dominate the enemies. Her next ability Valor enables her to deal splash damage, dealing AOE damage to all enemies that are visible in front of her. Nerf that I’d say. Despite the splash damage, her Presence ability can pierce all enemies standing one behind another, but it doesn’t go through shields.

If you’re thinking that she lacks mobility, that’s where her Grace ability stands out, allowing her to quickly dodge the direction she’s moving, while shooting one shot at the closest target.

Eager to find out Lian’s ultimate and how strong it is? Enlightenment is Lian’s secret weapon as she can destroy players contesting the Payload. While she charges the Enlightenment shot, she gains damage immunity and after the charge is ready, she shoots a big projectile, damaging enemies in its path. If she kills an enemy with her Ultimate ability, the cooldown of Enlightenment is restored by 50%. Beat that!

Paladins OB54 is going to improve player’s experience by far. Moving forward, not a single patch has been all about a new Champion, as Hi-Rez continuously improve Paladins in every single perspective. This is where the Economy and Progression issues get a fix, allowing players to progress faster in Paladins. This means that players will no longer need countless played hours in Paladins in order to get a duplicate card to get Essence and unlock a card they want to use. That being said, the game should become lot more interesting at this moment, allowing players to tweak and experiment their loadouts more frequently.

Because of that, players will now receive more essence than gold throughout their Daily Login bonus, making it much easier for them.

The rewards system is completely changed, and you might whole explanation on Hi-Rez’s official website.

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