Path of Exile Preview of the New Skill Charged Dash, a Channeled Lighting Attack Skill

During this week, the release date for 3.0.0, The Fall of Oriath, will be revealed. The developers are working on some new skills, one of which was already revealed. The audience is patiently waiting for the reveal of another skill.

Charged Dash is a new channeled lightning attack that is used as a movement skill. When this is channeling, a mirage will appear in front of you. If you continue to channel, you will move the mirage forward in the direction you are facing. When you stop channeling, you will teleport to the mirage and deal area of effect damage multiple times. The area of effect will grow based on the distance traveled.

The speed the target mirage will move at is based on the player’s movement speed. This will let you use the skill as a movement skill to cross gaps and increase areas you will create during the travel. The further you travel, the larger the area. Also, boosting movement speed will also increase how quickly you will reach maximum area size.

The skill also comes with risks. You can not adjust your target location when you start channeling, so you might get involved in a tough situation that will require an equally swift escape.
It functions well together with Cast While Channeling. You will be able to set up enemies for the burst of the damage from Charged Dash. Also, you could channel to trigger damaging spells, and then release to move through the map.

This will give you a rapid progress through an area without staying in one location for long. The skill can convert a portion of damage to lightning, which will allow a full lightning build with the Physical to Lightning Support.

Take a look at the video below to see how the Charged Dash works:

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