Pokemon Go APK Go Fest Discoveries, Exclusive Raids and Legendaries Are On Their Way

Silph Road is going wild with their latest APK discoveries on v0.69.0 Pokemon Go Android update. They’ve made an APK breakdown and trust me, it includes some pretty awesome new features.

There are some quite good discoveries based on their studies, to be more precise 12 Pokemon Go Fest discoveries. I will just stick to the Exclusive Raids and the long awaited Legen, wait for it, wait for it, DARIES! Sounds exciting right?

A new Raid type called Exclusive Raid is coming to Pokemon Go. These Raids are with their own Exclusive Raid Tickets. Each ticket is with a picture, details, event time, congratulatory and a link to Google Maps directions. Here is how it looks:

pokemon go apk go fest

According to Silph Road, the chances to see Legendaries after the Pokemon Go Fest are huge! And here is why:

  • A new attribute for all Pokemon called: ISLEGENDARYORMYTHIC (Hype!)
  • A new warning message if you try to transfer a legendary
  • A new error message if you try to deploy a legendary to a gym, called DISABLED_LEGENDARY_KEY
  • A new check for Raid Bosses called GET_ISEVENTLEGENDARY
  • A new legendary icon (of a Lugia) to mark legendary Raids at gyms
  • A new ‘victory’ banner to appear above gyms after successful legendary Raids

pokemon go apk go fest

So now when the odds are high, I have a question for you Trainers, are you ready for a Legendary Raids?

To see more details on Silph Road’s APK, feel free to visit their official website and find out more.

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