Pokemon Go Legendary Raid Boss Moltres Can be Countered With 2-3 Trainers, Take a Look At the Spreadsheet

As we now know, Legendary Pokemon are spawning in Pokemon Go. The Trainers around the world are putting their forces together, their strongest Pokemon and trying to battle and catch a Legendary during Exclusive/Legendary Raid Battles.

One of the Legendary Pokemon is Moltres, as one of the three Legendary birds, along with Articuno and Zapdos. Moltres is a Flame type Legendary Pokemon with flame-colored plumage and covered with a flame on his head and wings. So, pretty much it looks like a Phoenix.

Moltres is a very easy Pokemon to counter as a lot of Trainers have their Water Type Pokemon and Rock Type Pokemon from the latest event. According to Add_ikt and his spreadsheet, it will take only 2 or 3 Trainers to counter Moltres. Make sure you have Lvl 30 Pokemon and trust me, this will be challenging.

The spreadsheet that Add_ikt created compares moveset combo of all Pokemon, PowerxSpeed and how many Trainers are needed.

So, without further delay, here is the spreadsheet of only 9 Pokemon:

PokemonFastChargePowerxSpeed %Number of Trainers
OmastarRock ThrowRock Slide1002
GolemRock ThrowStone Edge882
TyranitarBiteStone Edge762
VaporeonWater GunAqua Tail693
SudowoodoRock ThrowRock Slide632
KabutopsFury CutterAncient Power633
KingdraWater GunHydro Pump623
Zapdos – (FYI observation)Thunder ShockThunderbolt622
DragoniteDragon BreathDragon Claw613

Duo-Fight will be very difficult, but you can do it. In order to beat Moltres with only 2 Trainers, you will need 11 Golems (each Trainer), and throw Omastar with Rock moves.

For Trio-Fight, get 6 Golems/Omastars and then, change to Tyranitars and Vaporeon.

Image Bigdaddycain89

Image Bigdaddycain89

For last, if you don’t feel like rejoining and want to make a safe win, then the best way is to team up with 3 other Trainers (total 4), get 6 Golems/Omasters each. If you don’t have that many, then go for Tyranitars and only 1 Vaporeon.

PokemonFastChargePowerxPeed %Number of Trainers without rejoining
OmastarRock ThrowRock Slide1003
GolemRock ThrowStone Edge884
TyranitarBiteStone Edge764
VaporeonWater GunAqua Tail694
SudowoodoRock ThrowRock Slide636
KabutopsFury CutterAncient Power635
KingdraWater GunHydro Pump625
Zapdos – (FYI observation)Thunder ShockThunderbolt626
DragoniteDragon BreathDragon Claw615

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