Pokemon Go: The Motivation Decay Rate For All Pokemon is Increased, Gym Difficulty has been Decreased

The motivation decay rate for all Pokemon in gyms is dramatically increased. This goes for the 3k CP defenders as announced by Niantic in their latest Pokemon Go update v0.69.1 for Android and 1.39.1 for iOS owners.

Niantic stated “Resolved a motivation decay bug impacting Pokémon with less than 3000 CP,” and we think that this affects the motivation loss per hour. In a research made by Pokemon GoHub, they’ve noticed a huge increase in motivation decay (1.35%-1.5% every 10 minutes), which result in proximately 10% motivation loss per hour.

With this change, the competitiveness in gyms is no longer the same and Niantic makes no improvements at all. So, my point of view, using Stardust on defenders doesn’t make sense anymore, because I will always lose. A better option is to wait until the motivation bar is low and attack the gym. Why wasting potions when you can wait few hours and take the gym? And one more thing, Pokemon gets less motivation when using Remote Feeding than the actual feeding? So, why wasting berries?

With this change, Gym Turnover will be more frequent in the morning, when there is no activity at all. This works great only for those who are free 24/7. What with the Trainers who are at work?

Oh Niantic, you crack me up!

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  1. In any other competitive game, the scope is to develop high skills and arsenal, and fight for the best one to take the reward. Game which on purpose rewards incompetiveness instead, I see first time in my life! What a shame…

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