Pre Season Update or Not, H1Z1:King of the Kill is still Behind PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS

It seems that when some games die, it’s more than hard for them to get back to the proper level and success they used to be before. It’s both game’s and developer’s story. Sometimes you succeed, sometimes you get crushed. But, most of them are working on their already drowned project continuously, trying to improve or add whatever they miss. This is a story of H1Z1: King of the Kill, for which a lot of players think that the game is already in the past and has no chance to return its glory days back. Well, do not be that sure, because H1Z1 might return those punches.

After H1Z1 received some new cosmetic items and changes, it feels like the game is still short on accomplishing their mission and push PUBG off the charts. However, judging by Steam’s graphs, it feels like both of the games are in a tight race. PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is proudly holding the third spot, while H1Z1: King of the Kill is one place behind, which is the fourth place. One place lots of players they say. It feels like PUBG has its numbers higher by double, both on peak and current players. To be more precise, H1Z1’s peak is 149,961 and PUBG’s is at 286,085 at this very moment.


It’s a really tough question, especially for the fans out there. Yes, they share the same game type, they might look similar, but what really separates both of them is the time of launch. It was kind of the same with H1Z1 when the game was launched. It was booming all over the world and no one actually hated H1Z1 back in the days. The game was enjoyable and fun to play. As people say, every miracle lasts no more than three days… …we’ll definitely see what’s going to happen with PUBG.

Like every other game, there must be ups and downs. It’s simple, nobody is perfect. From now on, it is for sure that these two games will aim their success based on a future content, more than less. Stay tuned, because you’ll see a ton of changes from now on. There will be an eye picnic of new content for which we know you’ll definitely love.

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