Sniper Elite 4: You can now choose a Character Skin in the Main Campaign and more, New Update is Out Now

Sniper Elite 4 was released on February 14, 2017, for PlayStation 4. Since then, the developers Rebellion Developments, have released a lot of free and paid content. They’ve added free modes,  free multiplayer maps, free Survival maps, new campaign mission, 18 weapons, skins and 32 camouflaged weapon skins. With the new update, there are plenty new things as well, So, keep on reading and find out more.

First thing first, the Deathstorm Part 3: Obliteration DLC has arrived with the new update. This is a mini-campaign, where Karl Fairburne has to disarm the Deathstorm nuclear project. He must go underground in Nazi Germany and kidnap the scientists. Yes, that’s right, Nazi Germany. This is the first time since SEV2 the gameplay to take place outside of Italy. Sounds great, right? Well, wait until you see whats more.

There is a new Expansion Pack called Lock and Load. In this pack, you can find 3 new weapons, M30 Drilling, SVT semi-automatic rifle and M712 Mauser fully automatic pistol.

sniper elite 4 new update

The new features above are “pay to play”, so now, I’m going to present you the free stuff with the newest Sniper Elite 4 PS4 update.

  1. New Difficulty, called Authentic Plus Difficulty.
  2. Facility – New Map.
  3. Bunker – New Map.

The first free feature is a great choice of in-game difficulty for those who feel ready to go one step further. But be careful, this is a “brutal” difficulty. There is no one to tell you whether you’ve killed someone or not, you’ve got to check for yourself.

Finishing the challenge will grant you some great Trophies.

A new map, inspired by the Coastal Facility mission is now available in co-op Survival mode. What’s new? Well, the infantry now comes in armored trucks and vehicles.

“Bunker” is also a new map in Sniper Elite 4, and supports all modes. A great choice for adversarial multiplayer.

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