Star Wars: Battlefront II Open Beta Starts on October 6

Electronic Arts has finally announced the date when Star Wars: Battlefront II Open Beta begins and that’s it on October 6, while the customers that have already pre-purchased the game will get the chance to hop into the beta 2 days earlier.

Star Wars Battlefront II

As EA announced, there will be a lot of things to explore, despite the fact that it’s only a beta edition. The Open Beta phase will be available until October 9, allowing players to enjoy the most epic moments they can ever encounter in Star Wars. Battlefront II is full of iconic planets and amazing landscapes, which is going to simply amaze you. You will be able to dive into Naboo: Theed in Galactic Assault where you can join Republic clone troopers and Separatist battle droids on the wild streets.

Taking control of your heroes is your favorite task and you don’t want to mess it up. Putting the sarcasm aside, when EA and Dice team up there’s always something good to experience. However, the most favorite part for every competitive person is that there will be a multiplayer Starfighter Assault where players can measure their skills in an epic assault. More details around this will come later in August at Gamescom 2017, where EA is going to present their Multiplayer mode in a better light.

Do not forget to experience the new type of epic battle in Star Wars: Battlefront II Open Beta, which begins on October 6.

Angel Kicevski

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