Tips And Tricks For Overwatch’s New Hero Doomfist, The Most Powerful Frontline Fighter

Doomfist is officially the newest hero in Overwatch. He is an offensive hero, who uses his abilities to give his opponents a hard time.

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Doomfist is a highly-mobile hero and I’ve got to say the most powerful frontline fighter. He can deal range damage, slam the ground, knock enemies airborne. When in “danger zone” Doomfist uses his ult Meteor Strike and deals a high amount of damage.

Since Doomfist was announced, there has been a lot of PC players who came out to the gaming world and started to present strategies on how to play Doomfist, what is the best way to play him, how can you use him on the battlefield… So, keep on reading and find out the best way!

Rocket Punch for Boops

Lucio might be the best at booping opponents off of maps with the Sonic Amplifier, but Doomfist is coming for it. With the Rocket Punch ability, the players can strike quickly to push the enemies off of cliffs.

Doomfist might find himself in a dangerous situation, while knocking people off of maps. But thanks to his Rising Uppercut and Seismic Slam abilities, players can get back to safe ground.

Rocket Punch gives extra damage

If the players who play Doomfist cannot push their opponents off the edge, then the Rocket Punching enemy players into walls is the next thing to do. Rocket Punch gives additional damage when the enemy hits the wall.

Combine Doomfist’s abilities

Doomfist is the most effective when the players combine his abilities to strike fast. The wombo combo of his abilities can be devastating when the players bring enemies forward with Seismic Slam, knock them back with the Rocket Punch.

Meteor Strike and Graviton Surge

Doomfist’s ultimate ability, Meteor strike, can increase the kills when it is paired with Zarya’s ability, Graviton Surge. The epicenter of the Meteor Strike is dealing more damage than the edge, making it ideal for getting eliminations.

The abilities like Reinhardt’s Earthshatter or Mei’s ultimate Blizzard is also working good with the Meteor Strike, but the Graviton Surge is the best for the way it is pulling people in the specific spot.

How to dodge with Doomfist?

The meteor strike can also be used to get out of some kind of a tricky situation very quick. Doomfist has five seconds to choose to move across the map.

Players can make it into a firefight very fast. It is not a total waste if it helps Doomfist to get in the middle of the battle.

Punch, punch, punch

His rocket punch is not useful only for inflicting damage on anyone, it is useful for inflicting damage on the shielded heroes too. It can go through the Reinhardt’s shield also.

And punch more for a temporary shield

Doomfist can also gain some ‘temporary personal shields’ when he is using his abilities. The passive ability The Best Defense is making the shields build up when he activates his active abilities.

But he will still need to find a healer or zip out to get a healthy pack when his health is critically low.

Hand Cannon is nothing special

The Hand Cannon shotgun is very fun for using. It can encourage spamming and excel in close range fights.

Doomfist’s abilities are designed to inflict very high damage. The problem is that the Hand Cannon is automatically reloading instead of manually, and also has only 4 bullets.

Who’s Doomfist’s Biggest Counter?

It is clearly seen that the player cannot rely on Hand Cannon, is when Doomfist has to come face to face with an enemy known as Sombra. She all of a sudden, makes Doomfist extremely vulnerable.

Doomfist is vulnerable to snipers

He is also exposed to snipers as Widowmaker. Because of the large hitbox, the snipers do not have to do that much to get headshots on the newest hero.

However, Doomfist’s abilities can keep him mobile and make it difficult for snipers to do what they do best.

Take care of Pharah, she can easily avoid his abilities

Doomfist has a lot of weak spots and few counters. Another one of the counters is Pharah. Her ability to go aerial in just a flash means that is it quite easy for her to avoid his abilities.

Just because Hand Cannon is a short-range weapon, it is difficult for Doomfist to take out the youngest Amari all by himself.

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