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Viking Conquest 2.032 Is Now Available In Mount & Blade: Warband

Mount & Blade: Warband just got a new patch 2.032 which introduces the Viking Conquest to its players. In order to play the reforged edition, you’ll need to have a serial key, the latest version of Mount & Blade: Warband and requires 1.1 GB  free space for download.

viking conquest 2.032 patch

Patch 2.032 fixes a lot of in-game issues, changes some gameplay features and add warnings of treasonous plots. Here is everything you need to know:

  • Update and fix various texts.
  • Update Spanish localization.
  • Fix removal of stray dog dialog from Doccinga tutorial.
  • Player gets renown reward for recruiting in the story only if recruits (exploit).
  • Free villages of captured centers from raids (party fights itself bug).
  • Use proper slot for faction religion.
  • Player kingdom takes player’s religion.
  • Consolidate conversion routines, slow down the rate by 4x, implement player converts.
  • Remove text to fit all lords into lords relations box.
  • Map creep to crouch key and generalize it from hunting.
  • Fix siege attacker reinforcement levels.
  • Initialize $encountered_party for Solveig encounter.
  • Prevent indictment of prisoners.
  • Change historic but duplicate Welsh name.
  • Reblock ambiance agents after a drunken fight.
  • Fix slain companions.
  • Fix bug where a player is sent to recruit 0 troops.
  • Fix logic of Boar Grove.
  • Add warnings of treasonous plots.
  • Remove duplicate battle victory trigger at Ashdown.
  • Close quests properly without double messages.



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