This year’s TI 7 Short Video Contest is Already Huge

The International Short Video Contest has grown into a tradition. As we’re getting closer to the main event, The International 7, competitors are continuously uploading new videos hoping for the win and a show-off of their editing skills. That’s what every competitor wants to see. Most of the uploaded are made by true Dota 2 fans.

Everyone’s expecting that this year’s TI will be a huge and very populated event. People will sim. Because of that, it’s our pleasure to make this video compilations for you. Below, you can see some of the Short video contest uploads. We’re sorry for not being able to provide you every single one of them because we cannot even track them as they just keep on coming. Dota 2 and its community speaks for itself as this year’s prize pool is quite bigger than it was the last year.

Valve and Dota 2 have decided to write a new history, a new page of success, and the following videos will just prove how the contestants have put a lot of work in every one of them, including SirActionSlacks’ video. Let’s start from the newest uploaded video, which is our favorite.

TI7 Short Video Contest – a Collection

What Does a hero Truly Fear?

Support in Arms

From Hell to Paradise

The Card Game

Portal – Hilarious as IO’s Arcana really reminds of Portal’s Cubes and seems like it originates from there.

Elder Blood – You don’t want to miss this one as the story is what truly matters.

Alternative Tactics

Divine Ability Draft

Dota Day Care

Dota 2 Sounds – Time to drop the beat

Faces of Victory

Dragon Blood

I Want to Stay in the Middle Lane – Who else if not SirActionSlacks, he has to be everywhere, literally :).

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Position 1

Campfire Stories


All Dogs go to the Nothl Realm

Adventures in Less than 500 MMR

The list is still being updated, do not forget to come again and check out more!

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