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Blizzard is Re-Branding its Online Service, Again

Blizzard is making games with online modes and has introduced Battle.net as the service for players to go to and challenge one another a decade ago.

Battle.net has been hosting games from the original Diablo to World of Warcraft, and it is the home of Overwatch. But Blizzard is trying to change the services name to “Blizzard.” This could be a familiar name to the gamers that haven’t played any of Blizzard’s games. Right now, Blizzard is deciding to keep the Battle.net name and combine it to make it “Blizzard Battle.net.”

For the ones who are new to Blizzard games, this will probably make online services easier to understand. For the people who have been playing games on Battle.net since ’96, the nostalgia can live on for the future. The branding will not have any impact on the service that the players receive, so the gamers will have nothing to worry about.

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The branding of the online services may become more important in the future because Blizzard will expand its platform to include games from the other developers. The most important addition that is coming to Battle.net is Destiny 2, which will not be available on Steam, uPlay or even Origin. If the platform is understandable, this could result in more players ending up in Blizzard Battle.net games.

Blizzard’s decision to bring the Battle.net moniker back does not imply anything more than respect. Blizzard has mentioned in its announcement on the return of Battle.net that player feedback was a determining factor in the decision. Blizzard has ways of making it clear that it listens to its fans.

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