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Conan Exiles: The Frozen North DLC is now Available, Brings a Whole New Region

Coming for free, The Frozen North DLC has put the chills onto many Conan Exiles’ fans around the world. Funcom is thrilled because of this release and as a celebration, Funcom has also released a new launch trailer.

As a free expansion, it is scheduled to bring such an amazing content to Conan Exiles, including a new region. The update should also fix some of the known bugs while there’s a new way to discover by traveling north. Having the chance to experience the game in a different environment, including different weather and temperature system will push players to prepare themselves for both scenarios.

It means that a lot of factors will be crucial to survive and fight your way to glory. It’s no more sit back, relax and build your fancy looking mansion, instead, now it’s more about fight and playstyle, which falls under the meaning of challenging content. For those who want to build their shelter, they will be able to do that with new resources such as black ice.

Below you can watch The Frozen North Trailer:

Furthermore, it’s not just the Frozen North expansion that comes to the game. Instead, it’s a significant content that fixes a lot of known bugs which should contribute for a smoother gameplay and better player’s experience.

Below you can find the full patch notes within Frozen North, including known issues Funcom are still working on:

Patch Notes

  • If you are an admin you can use CTRL- RMB on the map screen to teleport to that location
  • Fixed an instance where placing doors or elevators was impossible.
  • Fixed a problem with thrall placement and intersection with wall
  • Grass/foliage is no longer missing in certain areas
  • Thralls are no longer invisible while on a station
  • Non-guild members can now interact with chairs and benches
  • You can no longer prevent fall damage when logging out.
  • Dancer thralls no longer show as “bad entry” when picked up.
  • Raised shields now correctly prevent damage from NPCs.
  • Consumables now display spoil times
  • Fixed an instance where crashing occurs when taking a thrall out of a station
  • Adjusted spider ranged attacks
  • Adjusted spider respawn rates
  • T3 Set temple base now stays the same size as a T2 to prevent space issues
  • Fixed an instance where T3 Mitra Altars were floating above ground
  • Known locations of floating rocks have been fixed. BUT: if anyone notices any others please let us know the location!
  • Machines now correctly stop using fuel when the last object is crafted.
  • You can no longer loot things that should not have loot.
  • Fixed instances where thralls have missing armor/limbs.
  • You now gain XP from repairing
  • Radius of claimed land has been reduced.
  • Adjusted decay rate for T1 buildings
  • Fixed an issue with looting containers on official Blitz servers.
  • Adjusted sounds of footsteps and impacts
  • Hand torch now has sound
  • Adjusted collision with Mitra fountain statue
  • Fixed cases where UI didn’t disappear when in vanity mode
  • Fixed instance where some food would not decay
  • Filled in inescapable hole in The Black Keep
  • Some cases where NPCs would spawn underwater has been updated
  • Placeables no longer stick to your mouse when there is no more of that type to be placed.
  • Losing connection to a server now kicks you back to the main menu
  • Humanoid NPC difficulty level has been adjusted
  • Bindings now correctly showon Thrall feet
  • Adjusted loot and items from drops
  • Crosshair aim for the bow is no longer offset
  • Fixed an issue where killing certain exile NPCs would crash a server.

Known Issues

  • While building the building piece brush can snap to a building at an inverted rotation from what is intended. Snapping to another location will fix this for now. This will be fixed in the next patch
  • Investigating issues with being able to remove the crude wooden bowls when placed.
  • Some thralls have crafting station bonuses that are too small to be interesting. This will be changed and updated during the upcoming thrall revamp.
  • When you log in to the game, there are cases where you may have missing body pieces or hair, reequipping your armor pieces should fix this
  • While building, the building piece brush can stay at the location you just placed a building piece.
  • If you pick Ymir as your god in character creation, the Ymir T1 feat is not unlocked. This will be fixed in the first patch
  • Thralls will attack any knocked NPCs who you are dragging back to base. This will be fixed in the first patch. Workaround: Put your thralls into containers or far away when capturing new NPCs
  • The new machines (Fluid Press etc) display the old diagram for camp fire. We are working on a fix
  • Inside of new T2 buildings (Insulated wooden wall) has a flickering texture problem. We are currently investigating a fix.
  • Inside of new T3 building (black ice-reinforced wall) has a flickering texture problem. We are currently investigating a fix.
  • If you climb or sprint after fighting using the new weapons (star metal, black ice, cimmerian hardened steel), you may stop dealing damage. Workaround is to unequip and reequip the weapons after climbing/sprinting to deal damage again. We are working on a fix.
  • Some types of undead in the new biome may deal incorrect damage. We are working on a fix.
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