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Fifa 18 Demo Release Date Leaked

Like every year, a new chapter of Fifa is coming out, and as every year it is preceded by a Demo. Fifa 18 will be released on 29/09/2017, but EA still hasn’t confirmed the release date for the Demo on any official channel. In the past years, the release date was always around the first half of September, between 10 and 13. But lately, news about a leaked demo date has appeared on the internet, and we’re sharing it with you!

Fifa 18 Demo Release Date

The Demo page appeared on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One as a related game while browsing the store itself. If we click on the Ronaldo Nazario Icon Loan, we can see the related games have a Demo option. The date for its release is 15/09/2017 and the size it’s going to be 7.3GB on Xbox One, but it still cannot be downloaded or played. The Fifa 18 Demo will be released even on PS4 and PC, but the size of the file may differ. In the closed beta we got two game modes, the kick off with a choice of 10 teams, and a new chapter of the Journey, the story of Alex Hunter we already saw in Fifa 17.

The featured teams of the demo should be the following:

  • Atletico Madrid
  • Bayern Munch
  • Chelsea
  • Juventus
  • L.A. Galaxy
  • Manchester City
  • Manchester United
  • PSG
  • Real Madrid
  • Toronto Football Club
  • Vissel Kobe
  • Chivas de Guadalajara
  • Boca Juniors



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