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For Honor Season 3 Starts Today, Adding New Heroes and Maps

It’s a perfect time for a new content, while also the new dedicated servers are there to help for a better player’s experience. It’s the perfect time for a new content. Season 3 brings 2 new Heroes (Highlander and Gladiator) and 2 new Maps (Viking Village and Sentinel) while also adding a couple of gameplay changes. Players will have a reason what to play for, thanks to the Ranked Matches and Tournament Mode.

However, it’s kind of late for these changes, because For Honor has already lost a lot of players to this day. No matter the changes and their impact on the game, we do not believe players will be brought back to For Honor, at least not at the same level as before when they actually enjoyed playing For Honor.

Season 3: New Classes & Maps, Ranked MM, Dedicated Servers, Tournament Mode

Coming under the title Grudge & Glory, players will have a chance to experience the two new classes and earn additional reputation level as the cap is now increased to 40. Despite the Ranked there will be a Tournament Mode, which should be quite challenging. For Honor’s Season 3 will bring new gear rarity and will increase the maximum gear score from 144 to 180.

Overall, it’s alright to agree about the new content Season 3 brings, as it is probably the first one who satisfies player’s needs. To have Dedicated Servers, Ranked Matches, Classes, and Maps is not bad at all, and Ubisoft should focus on similar¬†future updates.



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