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The International 7: Main Event Day 2 Recap, Liquid Recovers, EG Crumbles, Team Empire Destroys

As you know, Day 2 of the main event is finished and we have to thank the teams involved in this year’s TI 7. Sadly, someone has to go home. Today’s suffering was experienced by a couple of teams and the biggest disappointment appeared in the lower bracket. Two teams have gotten ejected from The International 7, as they lost their matches against other lower bracket teams.

Day 2 Upper Bracket

The Upper bracket is full of Chinese Teams, as IG, Newbee and LFY are one of the 4 teams. Virtus Pro is also there, and they had quite an amazing match against LGD. Now, IG will face Newbee and LFY will face VP. All of the upper bracket teams look like they hold something special up their sleeve. Highlighting VP and LFY, that match will be heartbreaking for sure. LFY has been extremely dominant so far, and Virtus Pro is probably the only team who can find an answer to their playstyle.

Even if TNC’s Execution was on point, LFY has managed to be victorious and send TNC into the lower bracket:

After today’s upper bracket matches and the loss of LGD and TNC, they’ll be heading down the lower bracket where TNC will meet Team OG and LGD will measure their strength against Digital Chaos.

Day 2 Lower Bracket

This is where the emotion and excitement prevail. The losing teams are heading home, so there’s no room for any mistakes. Team Secret and Team Liquid have battled each other, and after 2 close games, the third one was in Team Liquid’s favor. Team Liquid has successfully advanced forward in the lower bracket and now they’ll have to meet Team Empire, the team that have managed to beat EG 2-0.

Team Empire is one of the teams you’ll want to keep an eye on. It seems like they have built an Empire. Their clean win against team EG with a 2-0 have definitely left the crowd and all Dota 2 fans speechless. Resolution’s depart from Team ODD might have been the best decision of his life, as his plays against team EG are one of the best highlights of the whole tournament. It’s going to be a very tough match between these two gigantic teams, as the whole pressure is on the side of Team Liquid, while Team Empire is the underdog. We’re pretty sure it’s going to be the best match of Day 4.

Probably the most resilient team in the whole world, Team OG, will have to fight against TNC and their Captain 1437 have already said that he has some answers against Team OG. LGD and Digital Chaos is the second couple. 2 of these 4 teams will have to say good bye to The International, as the 2 winners will battle their way out in the third round of the lower bracket.

The International is a tournament where literally anything may happen and we’re eager to see the outcome of tomorrow’s matches. Below you can find the bracket overview:



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