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League of Legends Fans are Going Mad at Edgar Davids For Sueing Riot Over Striker Lucian Skin

League of Legends has thousands of skins in their inventory and because of one of them, Riot has put themselves in a big trouble. Not that anyone knows the right story or which fault it is, but it seems like Edgar Davids’ decision to suit Riot has been a bit cheeky. Back in 2014, Edgar Davids has expressed his thankfulness towards Riot for releasing the Striker Lucian skin. You can see the tweet below:

3 years later, Edgar Davids has decided to sue Riot over the Striker Lucio skin, the skin he used to be proud of at one point. As Kotaku stated, the retired Dutch Footballer has somehow managed to win the case in court and Riot must compensate Edgar Davids. The Netherlands court has found and ruled in favor of Davids, while Riot stated that most of the League of Legends fans will recognize the skin as Striker Lucian at first place, before anything else. However, the statement seemed to be not enough for Riot to avoid compensation.

The skin has quite some similarities¬†to Edgar Davids, but being quite a successful player throughout his career and an Icon among fans, everyone is just shocked from his decision. Well, what you see is what you get I guess. Lots of League of Legends fans have “rewarded” Edgar Davids with some cold, nasty and salty tweets, connecting to the tweet above. What kind of person do you need to be to thank for the release of the Striker Lucian skin and then out of nowhere, decide to sue over it?

…and sarcastic too…

They still keep on coming, and despite the compensation, I still wouldn’t prefer to be in Edgar Davids skin these days, as he’ll probably lose whatever he has achieved throughout his career.



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