League of Legends New Patch Releases Ornn, Adds New Game Mode

Riot has finally revealed the new patch 7.17 and they are bringing us the long-awaited champion Ornn, “The Fire Below The Mountain“. Along with the new champ, they added a new game mode called Invasion, they have also have made some minor nerfs and buffs on few champions and released new five Star Guardian skins.

League of Legends Ornn Release

Ornn, The Fire Below The Mountain.

The most interesting thing about Ornn is that for the first time in League of Legends a champion can spend gold to forge non-consumable items anywhere. That means that he can buy items anywhere on the map. Additionally, he can do masterwork upgrade for some items that could be available for him and his team to purchase. His abilities are really interesting and fun.In my opinion, he is one of the most interesting champs in the game.

Buffed Champions


Q – Mystic Shot ratio increased. RATIO 1.1 total attack damage -> 1.25 total attack damage


R – Onslaught of Shadows

FEAR DURATION: 1 second -> 0.75 – 1.5 seconds (based on how far Hecarim traveled with his Spectral Riders)


Passive – Sunlight

MARK DURATION 3.5 seconds -> 1.5 seconds
DAMAGE 20-105 (at levels 1-18) -> 25-144 (at levels 1-18)

Q – Shield of Daybreak

COOLDOWN 9/8/7/6/5 seconds -> 6 seconds


W – Purge

STAY FOCUSED Purge now refreshes the duration of the ‘locked on’ debuff, preventing cases where Urgot would switch targets partway through Purge’s duration

E – Disdain

QUICK RECOVERY If Urgot casts Disdain during Purge but fails to toss a champion, Purge will now resume firing for the remainder of its duration a bit earlier than before (lockout period reduced to ~1.375 seconds ⇒ 1 second)

R – Fear Beyond Death



Base Stats

BASE ATTACK SPEED 0.644; 0.651

W – Living Shadow

SHADOW DURATION 4.5 seconds -> 5 seconds

Nerfed Champion


Passive grants less base gold; Draven loses more stacks on death.
Passive – League of Draven


In the new game mode you can play five-player PVE game mode to defend the starlight. You can earn Starlight Tokens for completed missions on this custom map, and then craft those tokens into the New Horizon Ward and a Hextech Mystery Champion. You can also try the new Star Guardian skins in this mode for free.

New Star Guardian Skins

Five new skins are now available for these champions:

  • Soraka
  • Ezreal
  • Ahri
  • Miss Fortune
  • Syndra
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