Moltres Beaten by 3 Trainers, Duo Manage to Take it Down to 10%

As we now know, Legendary Pokemon Moltres is spawning in Pokemon Go. The Trainers around the world are putting their forces together, their strongest Pokemon and trying to battle and catch the Legendary bird during Exclusive/Legendary Raid Battles.

Moltres is one of the three Legendary birds, along with Articuno and Zapdos. Moltres is a Flame type Legendary Pokemon with flame-colored plumage and covered with a flame on his head and wings.

Moltres is a very easy Pokemon to counter as a lot of Trainers have their Water Type Pokemon and Rock Type Pokemon from the latest event. According to Add_ikt and his spreadsheet, only 2 or 3 Trainers can beat Moltres.

Today, Moltres was beaten by 4 Trainers, then 3 and for 2 Trainers manage to go down to 10%. Defeating Moltres with 4 Trainers is nice, but with 3 or 2 makes it more interesting. The trio FitHippy92 Lvl 39, BigDaddyCain89 Lvl 40 and TigerFan 1952 Lvl 40, defeated Moltres very easy. Bigdaddycain89 used 4 Golem: 2875cp 2866 cp 2866 cp 2500ish. All of them with rt/se 2 ttar: 3601cp b/se 3591cp b/se.


For the duo fight, they’ve used:

  1. LV 40 Trainer – Golem lvl 39 RT/SE – Golem lvl 39 RT/SE – Golem lvl 39 RT/SE – Golem lvl 33.5 RT/SE – Tyran lvl 39 B/SE – Tyran lvl 39 B/SE.
  2. LV 39 Trainer – Golem lvl 39 RT/SE – Golem lvl 30 RT/SE – Golem lvl 30 RT/SE – Golem lvl 30 RT/SE – Tyran lvl 39 B/SE – Tyran Lvl 30 B/SE.

The movesets on Moltres were Heatwave for the duo and Overheat for the trio with dodge 25%.

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