The Next Quake Champion is the Mighty DOOM Slayer, Early Access Starts Soon

Quake Champions is about to leave the Closed Beta phase and will enter into early Access on both Steam and Bethesda Launchers. After that event triggers, there will be a whole lot of new content and one new Champion to come in the game. That champion will be coming from another game series, DOOM. Doom slayer, sadly, will be a part of the Champions Pack, which is going to launch after the game hops into Early Access.

Doom Slayer Quake Champions

Quake Champions Changes

So, all of those who have gotten a closed beta key for Quake Champions will still be able to play the free version of Quake Champions. However, there are changes in the Champions’ availability. What is about to happen is that players will no longer have all the Champions available and free to play. Instead, Bethesda has decided to invent a Champions pack, which is going to cost around $29.99. The Champions Pack will include all of the Champions so far, plus the upcoming Doom slayer, exclusive in-game bonuses and every other future Champion which is going to come until the end of 2018.

For those who did not take a Quake Champions closed beta key, they will be pushed to buy the Champions Pack to jump into this fast-paced, skill-based arena shooter. In every bad, there’s also good news. Bethesda will launch a free-to-play version of Quake Champions at a later date, available for those who haven’t got a chance to get a closed beta key.

Below, you can find the upcoming Quake Champions Early Access content and features, confirmed by Bethesda:

  • Two New Maps: Church of Azathoth and Tempest Shrine
  • Rune Challenges: Players will be reward for completing new Rune Challenges found in Backpacks
  • Lore System: Players will find Lore Items hidden throughout Arenas in vases. By collecting all 10 Lore Items for a specific Champion, they will unlock that Champion’s high-end Lore Skin.
  • Improved New Player Onboarding: New features to help get fresh fraggers up to speed include a movement tutorial, shooting gallery and the ability to choose a skill level
  • New Customization Options: New options include new Champion skin sets and weapon shaders
  • In-Game Voice Chat

Quake Champions will go into Early Access phase on August 22.

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