Overwatch’s Deathmatch Mode is Quite Fun, But Devastating

The newest Deathmatch mode in Overwatch looks fun, but it might turn things around in seconds. When you perform further analysis, it’s unknown why that game mode is coming to Overwatch at first place. Overwatch it’s not even designed for this type of game mode. Blizzard’s thoughts are both devastating and weird. They might even reconsider releasing the update.

Overwatch is already fun and amazing to play. Period. There’s no need of any further mode updates.

At first place, It seems like Blizzard felt the appearance of Quake Champions and its unusual Deathmatch mode. Let’s be honest, if we compare it to the Overwatch Deathmatch mode, Quake Champions is by far more entertaining, faster and explosive, not to mention that is a lot harder and challenging too. If we take into consideration that Overwatch falls into the role-playing type of games, where every single character has its skills and purpose to use them, Blizzard’s choice on creating the DM mode is just falling in water.

Team Deathmatch is bad and might only get worse

About the “Devastating” part… in such a game mode in Overwatch, talking about TDM (Team Deathmatch),  you shouldn’t expect players to pick support characters at all. It’s more like Kill or Be Killed, which means some heroes are already out of the mode, by default. I mean, everyone will understand the Deathmatch mode as a Warmup and nothing else, while in other fps arena shooters like Quake Champions, the need to WIN comes with a reason. In Overwatch, it’s entirely different, and you better get used to “no support” type of gameplay. Everyone will only go for the offensive approach, which is quite reasonable.

This time, Blizzard and their FFA and Team Deathmatches kind of went too far. Playing it on the PTR felt quite surprising and challenging, but there’s no point to continuously play it, except to settle down with it and accept it as a warm-up option.

More on the Deathmatch update, Jeff Kaplan has reported on the official forums that after patch 1.14, the Report option on consoles will be available, so players will get the chance to get that better experience and get rid of further toxicity.

Angel Kicevski

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