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Pokemon Go Gen 3 Abilities, Idea on How Should They Work

It’s time to introduce abilities together with Generation 3 and how should they work.

The Generation 3 abilities have been introduced for every Pokemon. This introduction would improve the gameplay. Abilities might make some useless Pokemon become useful during Battling, as a Buddy and while raiding.


  • Unaware – Negates enemy Pokemon ability.
  • Moxie – Increase Pokemon attack if he knocks down an enemy.
  • Intimidate – Decrease enemy attack stat upon entering.
  • Battle Armor – Protects Pokemon from critical hits.
  • Filter – Reduces damage from super effective attacks.
  • Adaptability – Increases attack from STAB moves.
  • Telepathy – Will often dodge attacks automatically.


  • Natural Cure – Injured Pokemon HP regenerates HP each 1km.
  • Pick Up – Picks up random healing items alongside candies.
  • Coumpbond Eyes – Doubles Stardust from wild Pokemon.
  • Pickpocket – Will often Steal Berries from wild Pokemon.
  • Honey Gather – Will rarely find incenses from walking buddy distances.
  • Run Away – Decreases wild Pokemon flee rate.
  • Analytic – Buddy will alert of rare Pokemon nearby.


  • Pressure – Raid Boss attacks are slowed.
  • Healer – Will heal allies Pokemon every 30 seconds.
  • Wimp Out – Pokemon cowardly switches out when HP goes below 50%.
  • Vital Spirit – Decreases damage when Pokemon HP bars go below 30%.
  • Thick Fat – Halves damage from Raid Bosses charged attacks.
  • Sheer Force – Powers up super effective moves against Raid Bosses.

This idea was posted on /r/PokemonGO by Frocharocha and it looks great.

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