Pokemon Go Halloween Event 2017, Here is What we Expect to See

While going through some posts earlier, I saw the very first PoGO event: Halloween 2016. We all were excited about that specific event. I was getting Gastly everywhere I went and also the double candy.

During the event, I remember that I hatched my first Lapras. Hence this, we should talk about the preparations for Halloween 2017. Niantic has a habit of releasing special bundles during the event. I personally, would be surprised if Niantic does not bring back the double candy aspect. Go+ users wouldn’t want to run out of regular Pokeballs.

It is smart to hold off on any lucky egg/mass evolve session in the following weeks. This should get you an advantage of the 4x XP bonus instead. The Go+ users will probably benefit from not going too hard on the buttons in the days before the event. I think it is secure to say that Misdreavous will be an obvious addition to the spawns during the new Halloween event.

My opinion is that by the end of October we will be coming down from the Mewtwo raid hype. It would be fun to allow some spooky mons to have increased stats when used as a gym defenders during the event. And increased Unown spawns will be great too!

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