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Pokemon Go Plus is Spinning Gyms Now

A few days ago I’ve been informed that the Pokemon Go company is working on spinning Gyms with the Go + and I’m proud to say that the info was correct and Niantic made a huge surprise for all Trainers by making this possible.

Most of the Trainers have been wondering when this feature will be available in Pokemon Go and how it will work. First thing first, it is now available with the new app update 0.73.1 for Android users and v1.43.1 for iOS users.

A Redditor who goes by the name of ignaciogc, was sitting at his desk and noticed that his PoGo+ was vibrating blue. He used to spin Gyms manually, but not this time. After some time, he received 7 items, which tells us that the feature is enabled.

So, from now on, Trainers can get a daily streak and free raid pass just by spinning a Gym with the Go+.



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