Team Liquid Has Won The International 7 Title With a Clean Sweep of 3-0 Against Newbee

Even though we’re speaking about a FINAL, let’s be honest and agree that it didn’t feel like a final at all. It was just an ordinary pub match for Liquid, while Newbee was struggling to find a way to beat Liquid’s pick. Winning a Final TI match with a fashioned style of 3-0 has never happened before and everyone finds it both amusing a weird. However, team Liquid has managed to do that for the first time, winning 3-0 over Newbee.

TI 7 Winner

Team Liquid has found a way for domination since the early stage of the game. This happened since the second match of the lower bracket finals against LGD, where Team Liquid simply started to dominate. It was the same story in the finals against Newbee, where Team Liquid felt unstoppable.

What’s very amusing is that Team Liquid has found a way of playing Nature’s Prophet on a whole new level. Mind_Control was simply unstoppable on that Hero, making insane plays. We haven’t seen any similar Nature’s Prophet plays for quite some time, which makes Liquid true masterminds in Dota 2.

Even if there were quite some failures from the Liquid side in the first match, they were completely dominating against Newbee since the very beginning.

The first match was a total domination by Team Liquid and Newbee was unable to find an answer to stop Luqid.

The final push of the first match was also painful for Newbee, as they had to make the GG call, knowing that there wasn’t any chance for a comeback.

Moving in the second match, it felt like Newbee had some answers to Team Liquid’s lineup, banning Nature’s Prophet as it was the main playmaking option for Team Liquid. They’ve had a nice start, leading 11-1 in kills. Everything was OK for Newbee until they decided to fight around the Roshan pit, while Venomancer’s Plague Wards Denied everyone on Newbee’s side to Blink. Well, I guess it’s not Liquid’s fault for not having any Smoke on your team. You can see the fight below:

It all went down in the water after they have failed to fight around the Rosh pit. This is the fight when the Net Worth went in Team Liquid’s favor. Losing in that fight was just bad for Newbee, as they’ve granted Team Liquid to take Roshan, therefore take the aegis and plan their next push, which resulted in nothing else but a WIN for team Liquid.

It feels it’s all about the pick, and that’s exactly what happened. Team Liquid has had better picks against most of the teams they’ve played against in this TI7. Especially in the lower bracket and upper bracket finals. It was just remarkable to see Kuroky outpicking world class teams like Newbee and LGD.

Not to forget about Dota 2’s GURU, Miracle- who’s probably the most focused and patient player in the whole world. He had such an amazing time carrying Team Liquid to victory together with Matumbaman.

It was all or nothing in the third game for Newbee, and they just had to find a way to prevent Team Liquid from winning the title.

Hungry for the win, Team Liquid’s confidence resulted in an amazing match. The third match was nothing else but one more domination from the side of Team Liquid. Newbee decided to go with a Push strategy picking Shadow Shaman, Death Prophet and Venomancer on their side. Even if the match looked close and even compared to the previous two matches, team Newbee has once again failed to get the win.

Team Liquid had their answer ready, welcoming Newbee on their doorstep, while cleansing their push strategy quite effectively. After team Liquid stopped the useless Newbee push, the next fight happened to end in team Liqud’s favor, where if not in the Rosh pit again. Newbee tried to kill Roshan, and Team Liquid has decided to anticipate. GH was the judge of the fight, dropping an insane Echo Slam with his Earthshaker.

First Rosh fight turned in Liquid’s favor.

Second Roshan fight finished in Liquid’s favor and GG push.

After that fight, Newbee felt broken once again. Rosh hasn’t been the best place to fight for them in this series. But if you see overall, it’s all about the pick. You cannot make this kind of decision if you have the Push lineup, which luckily, Liquid did not.

Simple, effective, clean. After losing two sets of Barracks, there was nothing left for Newbee except to make the GG call.

Overall, it was disappointing Finals for all the Dota 2 fans who are usually eager to see more action. However, Liquid has managed to win 3-0 and there’s no reason to blame them for the lack of action. They simply found a way to break Newbee’s play style completely, which resulted in winning The International 7 title and earning $10 million. For the first time in the history of International, Team Liquid has managed to win with a clean result of 3-0.

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