Top Chart for Pokemon Go, Tier & Type Top Lists Included

It has been more than a year since the release of Pokemon Go around the world. As most of the Trainers know, there are three teams that are welcoming players to become part of that specific group. There are 3 teams: Team Instinct, Team Mystic and Team Valor. Each is with a different sign, motto and goals.

Your only goal in Pokemon Go is to locate, battle, catch and upgrade. Sounds simple, right? Well, it’s not so simple as it looks. Therefore, I will present you one of the best Pokemon top charts, what are the most useful attackers against Gyms and Raids, most useful attackers by type and what are the best gym defenders in high turnover areas. (Check out the board below).

First, find a group of Trainers that have the best Pokemon to take over Gyms. This includes you as well. If you have a “popcorn” Pokemon, then you have to “farm” a little bit more.

Next, check your Pokemon base stats and CP and choose the Pokemon with the highest Attack, Defense and HP points. Then choose the perfect moveset for that specific Pokemon and you are all set. These are two major things if you want to take over a Gym or to be successful in a Raid.

Now, to make it easier for you, I have made a board that will guide you and shows you what is the best Pokemon for a specific task and what are his best movesets.

Most useful Attackers Against Gyms and Raids

Pokemon Moveset Effectiveness
Tyranitar Bite/Crunch/Stone Edge 100%
Machamp Counter/Karate Chop/Dynamic Punch/Close Combat 100%
Dragonite Dragon Breath/Dragon Tail/Outrage/Dragon Claw 100%
Golem Rock Throw/Stone Edge/Rock Blast 100%
Moltres Fire Spin/Overheat 80%
Zapdos Charge Beam/Thunderbolt 80%
Omastar Rock Throw/Rock Slide/Rock Blast 80%
Vaporeon Water Gun/Aqua Tail/Hydro Pump 80%
Espeon Confusion/Future Sight 80%
Rhydon Mud Slap/Earthquake 80%
Lugia Extrasensory/Future Sight 60%
Gengar Shadow Claw/Hex/Shadow Ball 60%
Jynx Frost Breath/Avalanche 60%
Exegguttor Bullet Seed/Extrasensory/Solar Beam 60%

Most useful attackers by Type

Pokemon Type Moveset
Omastar Water Water Gun/Hydro Pump
Vaporeon Water Water Gun/Aqua Tail/Hydro Pump
Feraligatr Water Water Gun/Hydro Pump
Flareon Fire Fire Spin/Overheat
Moltres Fire Fire Spin/Overheat
Charizard Fire Fire Spin/Overheat
Venusaur Grass Vine Whip/Solar Beam
Exegguttor Grass Bullet Seed/Solar Beam
Victreebel Grass Razor Leaf/Leaf Blade/Solar BEam
Jolteon Electric thunder Shock/Thunderbolt/Thunder
Zapdos Electric Charge Beam/Thunderbolt/Zap Cannon
Magneton Electric Spark/Zap Cannon
Articuno Ice Frost Breath/Blizzard/Ice Beam
Jynx Ice Frost Breath/Avalanche
Lapras Ice Ice Shard/F.Breath/Blizzard/Ice Beam
Heracross Fighting Counter/Close Combat
Machamp Fighting Counter/K.Chop/Dynamic Punch/Close Combat
Poliwrath Fighting Rock Smash/Dynamic Punch
Omaster Rock Rock Throw/Rock Slide
Golem Rock Rock Throw/Stone Edge
Tyranitar Rock Bite/Stone Edge
Alakazam Physic Psycho Cut/Confusion/Future Sight
Espeon Physic Confusion/Zen Headbutt/Future Sight
Lugia Physic Extrasensory/Future Sight
Kingdra Dragon Dragon Breath Outrage
Dragonite Dragon Dragon Breath/Dragon Tail Outrage/Dragon Claw
Gyarados Dragon Dragon Breath/Dragon Tail Outrage
Houndoon Dark Snarl/Foul Play
Tyranitar Dark Bite/Crunch
Gyarados Dark Bite/Crunch
Golem Ground Mud Slap/Earthquake
Rhydon Ground Mud Slap/Earthquake
Donphan Ground Counter/Earthquake
Dragonite Flying Dragon Breath/Dragon Tail/Hurricane
Scyther Flying Air Slash/Aerial Ace
Lugia Flying Extrasensory/Sky Attack
Pinsir Bug Bug Bite/X-Scissor
Scizor Bug Fury Cutter/X-Scissor
Scyther Bug Fury Cutter/X-Scissor
Haunter Ghost Lick/Shadow Ball
Gengar Ghost Shadow Claw/Hex/Shadow Ball
Misdreavus Ghost Hex/Astonish/Ominous Wind
Victreebel Poison Acid/Sludge Bomb
Muk Poison Poison Jab/Gunk Shot
Nidoking Poison Poison Jab/Sludge Wave

Best Gym Defenders in High Turnover Areas

Pokemon Moveset Defense Rate Efficiency
Blissey Zen Headbutt/Dazzling Gleam/Psychic 100%
Snorlax Zen Headbutt/Body Slam/Heavy Slam 100%
Lapras Ice Shard/Frost Breath/Ice Beam/Blizzard 80%
Vaporeon Water Gun/Aqua Tail/Hydro Pump 80%
Steelix Dragon Tail/Iron Tail/Crunch/heavy Slam 80%
Muk Poison Jab/Infestation/Dark Pulse 80%
Donphan Counter/Play Rough 80%
Tentacruel Poison Jab/Blizzard/Hydro Pump 80%
Umbreon Snarl/Foul Play/Dark Pulse 60%
Hypno Confusion/Focus Blast/Future Sight 60%
Chansey Zen Headbutt/Dazzling Gleam 60^
Slowdudes Confusion/Ice Beam/Blizzard/Psychic 60%
Ampharos Volt Switch/Focus Blast 60%
Dragonite Dragon Tail/Outrage/Hurrican 60%
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