Useful Trick to Catch a Legendary Pokemon, Significant Capture Rate Increase

How many times you have defeated a Legendary Raid Boss and failed to capture it at the end? Running low on Pokeballs? Well, worry no more, we found the perfect solution for that matter.

We all know that catching a Legendary Pokemon is not an easy task to do, but we never gave up, and I hope it will stay that way. Our list is now full with Legendaries such as Lugia, Articuno and Moltres and we want to make it even bigger by catching ’em all. But, sometimes we are struggling to catch that specific Pokemon and at the end, the score is 2/20 :). Doesn’t sound good, right?

Recently, a youtube account ProdigiesNation has explained a simple, but a very useful trick on how to catch a Legendary Pokemon by using Nanab Berry, Golden Razz Berry and of course a Pokeball. Like he is showing in the video below, first, wait for the Pokemon to stand still in the middle and then feed him with Nanab Berry. Throw a Pokeball and wait for the Legendary Pokemon to escape.

Right after this, feed him with Golden Razz Berry and don’t throw a Pokeball. Wait until the Legendary makes its move. If the Legendary “dodges” the Pokeball, switch to Nanab Berry and follow the first instructions. I know it sounds complicated, but with the video will make the things easier to understand.

As PokemonGoPocket has announced and you can see it on the video, the Youtuber caught Moltres 6 times in a row! Yes, we know that Mr. Flamy is the easiest of them all, but rarely anyone got 6/6 score.

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